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Back to the gym!

30 Jun

Today was my third time back at the gym after having my little boy – he’s 9 weeks old now :-) I started back to training last week as I figured I’d give my body a couple of months to heal.

Great to be back

It was so good to get back into the gym but first I had to get there!

It’s no longer simply racing out the door to the car to the gym but now I have to make sure baby M is fed and nappy bag is ready to go, and then get him into the car and drop him off at the creche. The first time I went back last week I was so nervous leaving him but the girls in the creche were amazing and even came around when I was training to let me know how he was doing – he was asleep and has been all three times I have dropped him off!!

Getting there slowly - 9 weeks

Getting there slowly – 9 weeks


I’m taking it easy training wise and running is off the cards for another few weeks until I hit 12 weeks just to be on the safe side so I have been doing a mixture of:

  • Walking uphill doing a bit of pyramid training – raising the incline by 1.0 every minute and then back down again on the treadmill,
  • Hammering it on the bike on the hill program and
  • Some light weights to get me back into training gently and I love it.

I get the adrenalin rush and plug into my music and it’s so great to be back! My new gym I joined has a cafe too so I make sure I have enough time to have a drink afterwards and then back to being a mum!




I’ve set myself a couple of short term goals to get me back into my training:

1. Run a race or two by the end of the year

2. Not stress over times and weight – just to enjoy the training

3. Build weights into my program and struck at it – have never been big on weights but understand their importance in a training program

so the fun begins again and I can’t wait – a few more weeks and I can run – yay!

Happy running :-)

Vote for The Girl That Runs in @RunStopShop’s quest to find their favourite running blogger

21 May


Hi just a reminder if you haven’t already voted for me. I’d appreciate your spending a couple of seconds clicking on the poll and voting :-) I don’t envisage I will win but it’s just a bit of fun :-D

Originally posted on The girl that runs:

Hi, how is your training going?

It’s been so nice in Brisbane today, perfect weather for training outside :-) I managed to drag the dog out for a walk this morning at 6am and have been racing around ever since – going to try and fit a weights session in later if I can!

I need your help :-)

My blog has been highlighted in a list of  10 running blogs across Australia in a poll to find the best! I am so surprised that my little blog has made it to someone’s list and not really expecting to win as there are some very strong contenders out there – but would really appreciate you voting for me in the poll if you get a chance :-)It’s just a bit of fun but it made me much better seeing the email yesterday after not such a good day :-)  Thanks…

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Loving my new CW-X compression pants!

18 Mar

I was recently sent a pair of CW-X compression StabilyX pants to try out. I didn’t think anything would feel better than the compression pants I have at the moment but these ones are great!  I hadn’t actually heard of this brand but apparently they are available over here in Australia now and you can order from their website 

I ordered according to the sizing chart and got my pants in the mail and when I first took them out of the packet I was a bit worried as they looked like they would fit a 7 year old! I was even contemplating passing them onto my PT friend as they looked so small but when I tried them on I found they were very flexible but very tight – in a good way – I marvelled at my lovely looking behind as the pants pulled all my bits in – another bonus! It did however take a bit of grunting and pulling and bending to get them on but once on they were very comfortable. 

I also like that they aren’t low rising as normally, not being a skinny minny runner I get a nice little muffin top over the top of my pants and feel very self conscious when out running.  

The other great thing about these pants is that they have been designed with runners in mind and have a patented kinesiology support webbing to specifically target areas such as the hamstrings, hip flexors, ITB and back which is excellent for those of us with niggling injuries every now and again.

Women's StabilyX capri pants

I used a shot from the website as I wasn’t ready for my butt to be on display on here :-)

I went for a run in them at lunch time today with the dog and I have to say they were very comfortable and I had no problems with them and I felt a fair bit of support on my knees which was good.

The only thing I could potentially say is a down side is that the fabric is quite thick and if you are someone who feels the heat like I do these would probably be your winter tights rather than summer as the fabric is quite thick – awesome for when it is cold but not for our Queensland summers! Although they do have a UV protection rating of UPF 40+ – but just a bit thick. They do do more of a short than a capri so they may be more suitable for this time of the year.

2 Mar


March is Endometriosis Month. Thankfully this is not something I suffer with but for all the women out there that do or don’t know they have it I am sharing this post.

Originally posted on Quest in the City:

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Product Review – not for the boys to read!

15 Feb

I thought that post title would catch your attention and if you are male reading this you are either a blog subscriber or curious as to what you were told not to read!

I was recently sent some samples of ‘Miss Dejour‘ tampons and asked to review the product. My initial reaction was eugh I am not going to write on my blog and tell people about my intimate thoughts on a tampon! So what I am reviewing is more about the product look and feel and branding as well as usability for us runners.

I don’t know about you but when training I often struggle with what to carry and what to leave in the car. There’s my iPod Shuffle, car keys, water, sports watch (which is easy as I wear that). I did ponder the idea of training with a running belt but found I needed the toilet a lot and it played havoc with my stomach, even when on loosely. I sometimes train with my Camelbak and ran a couple of my marathons with it which was perfect as I had my phone and everything on my back.

But Imagewhat about tampons?!? 

Thankfully a lot of running gear comes with a handy pocket somewhere to be able to carry them around but I don’t know about you I find they fall out in my bag and I never have anywhere to store them. Well that’s where the Miss Dejour tampons are handy as they come in a handy plastic mini bag that is perfect for your bag and also a reasonable size pocket if you need to run  with them. They would also be perfect in the evening when you need to keep your tampons in check in your handbag. 

Love the design of them – the brand colouring is very ‘Agent Provocateur’ look and feel – baby pink packaging box, bag and tampon cover – although i was disappointed to see the tampon itself is white – but I am assuming this is a health and hygiene requirement as I have never seen a coloured tampon! 

The brand is a little bit cheeky and make tampons almost look cool and trendy!  If you haven’t already seen them in the shops they are available in Priceline, IGA and select pharmacies according to the information I got from  Miss Dejour. 


Too busy to exercise? Check out these tips…

8 Feb

The last week or so has been pretty manic for me. That’s the trouble with running your own business one week it can be plain sailing and quiet and the next it can be craily busy – all good though. But the issue I have found in the last week has been fitting in the time to train and the motivation to when I am tired. 

A couple of days ago I was literally in back to back meetings from 7am – 7pm and I was exhausted, and I know there is no way I would have been able to train. The next day however I had an easier day but the fall out from the day before meant I was really tired and reluctant to train.

So I have been thinking of some ideas that might be useful to both you and I when we are reluctant, tired or too busy to train. Please see them below and feel free to let me know if you have any other ideas or things that have worked for you :-)Image

1. Short, sharp sweet hard session

So if you only have 15 mins to train you could do a hard sprints session, a hard session on the bike or a quick tough circuits session – not something that you could necessarily maintain for an hour but something that gets you moving, and hurting (in a good way!).

2. Hard abs session

If you have been following my blog for a while you might know that I am a P90x fan and one of the things Tony Horton does is a 15 minute Ab Ripper X session and trust me if you do it right it works but it also hurts – but another idea if you don’t have long.

3. Multi task

I often see people at the gym training as well as reading – although I am not convinced they are working very hard it could be a great way to work off the day by sitting on your bike/ walking on your treadmill at home or at the gym and catching on the days news or book a the same time – although trying to watch the news whilst running is not a good idea or reading a book but walking would be alright……you get the idea.

4.Timing is everything 

Try getting up earlier or work out later when you have finished work. I have friends who sometimes are up at 3.30am to train and I have been known to train later at night to squeeze in a session. I guess it comes down to how much you want to really train. If you want to be fit then you will be able to easily make time, even if it does mean having to get up slightly earlier – it’s easy in the Queensland summer as it’s too hot to sleep in! 

So here are a few ideas. If you have any others I’d love to hear them :-)

happy training!

Product Review: C Coconut Water

17 Apr

C Coconut Water I have never tried Coconut Water but was asked if I would like to review some C Coconut Water, so I thought why not! In the past when I have  seen coconut water in the shops for some reason I always thought of it being like coconut milk, and the thought of drinking that rich flavour really put me off.

I find in my training that in the past I have used a lot of sports gels and drinks and they are so sugary they they haven’t had a good effect on my body or teeth when I have been guzzling them like there is no tomorrow, I of course know differently now in terms of to limit myself and not drink them all the time.

The benefits

Coconut Water is apparently:

  1. The only known liquid on earth that can be used as a substitute to blood in human transfusions
  2. It is also more isotonic and hydrating thanregular sports drinks and of course has no added sugar
  3. The C Coconut Water has more potassium than a banana
  4. It’s also low calorie and more nutritious than whole milk with no cholesterol and less sugar
C Coconut Water boasts that it can help clear up complexions, cure a hangover, boosts your immune system, aids circulation and increase your metabolism. I was sold based on the complexion and metabolism!

So I tried it and it’s consistency was literally like water. I found the taste quite watery (to be expected!) with a hint of coconut. I would definitely drink it ice cold as when it started to warm up a bit closer to room temperature it was a bit harder to stomach.

I am not sure how much I could drink in one sitting but I think when our palates are so used to such and sugary things it takes a while to change so I am not giving up on it especially when it has so many benefits, and if it gets me not having to drink sugary gels and sports drinks then I am sold!

New Aussie running magazine for women

4 Mar

So I was browsing around a newsagents on Friday and I spotted a new running magazine that I hadn’t heard of it. I almost dismissed it thinking it was another UK or US import but then I noticed across the top it said Australia’s first running magazine for women. So, intrigued I bought a copy.

It’s called Women’s Running funnily enough. Let’s get one thing straight, it’s no Runner’s World but it looks like a great read for women getting into running with the launch issue featuring a beginners 8 week running plan and an article on choosing your first race.

For the more seasoned runner it does also cover topics such as conquering hills, compression myths, and an interview with an elite runner. So it depends what you look for in a running magazine, a good technique read then maybe Runner’s World is better for you. But it’s good to see that there are  some more running mags out there, I always love a good read and this one has some nice recipes, small features on other types of training such as spinning and has lots of helpful tips to keep you motivated.

Other running magazines I read 

Runners World -  I love Runner’s World as it is very comprehensive, has race dates and well just keeps me excited about running. It is a mixed bag and is aimed at all levels of runners

Run4yourlife - more of a club runners magazine but features some great tips, race details and articles for the more serious runner. Very Australian based.


What a week! And no training :-(

5 Nov

This week has been a bit of a write off. A number of goings on which I won’t go into on here but basically I haven’t been able to train.

I managed a run last Sunday and a sprint session on Wednesday but that’s about it which I haven’t been happy about. But I have a 10k session ready for tomorrow and am ready to get back into training.

So I’ll be back on here soon.

Running tools

10 Jul

I’ve created a page entitled ‘running tools’ with some handy websites and apps that as a runner you might be interested in. I have a few more to add gradually but thought this would be a good start.

Any suggestions let me know and I’ll add them on.

See my new page here 


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