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A leisurely Sunday run up Mount Cootha #scenicbrisbane #brisbanerunner

16 Sep

How’s your week going so far? Mine is pretty good from a running point of view. I ran yesterday, am running tomorrow and ran at the weekend – Sunday being a tough one as somehow I managed to end up running up Mount Cootha. Initially I asked around to see who was running and I mentioned I had asked my friend if she wanted to run up Mount Cootha or Kangaroo Point thinking she’d say no and I would then run closer to home and have an easy run… she called my bluff!

In fact two of my other friends said they’d like to run with us so I was locked in! And so at 6am on Sunday I left the house to go and run. I was quite tired but by the time I got to the Botanical Gardens I was pumped to start running.

Running up Mount CoothaThe first section is always a killer – running up the massive hill from the Botanical Gardens. By the time I got to the top of that I was stuffed wondering how I was going to make it but we carried on, running, chatting, laughing and pushing.

I underestimated the hills and the number of them, so thinking I was on the home stretch half way around towards the Channel 7 offices I pushed on only to find there were still lots of hills in front of me and it took me all my time to not stop.

Running up Mt Cootha

My partners in crime running up Mount Cootha. We were smiling at this point before it got really tough!


Here three of us are running up the Mountain.

I did walk and run for a little bit and I breathed to my friend “I can’t do this” as she trotted by and she encouraged me on. Once I got closer to the top I got my second wind and the remaining push to the top was great. I can still feel the marathon in my legs even now after 2 months passing by and it certainly came in handy! When I got to top I had a quick toilet stop and waited as I wasn’t sure whether my friend at the front had waited but after a few minutes I couldn’t find her so I started the awesome descent back down.

Running down the mountain is always great fun – flying by the seat of your pants literally. There is one tiny hill and the rest is heavily downhill and a great way to make up for the slow plodding up the hill – so I cranked up my iPod and went for it.

I was exhausted at the bottom but exhilarated. I plan to do the mountain run more regularly to start getting stronger ready for races later in the year/early next.

Hope you are having a great week!

Bye for now

Race Recap – River Run 100k

17 Aug

Yesterday was the River Run 100k. My morning didn’t start off too well since the neighbour next door kept us awake all night so when the alarm went off at 5am I was already awake and exhausted! Shaun picked me up at 5.40 and we parked near his work place and he had convinced me that we should cycle to the start using City Cycle bikes. It’s an interesting concept which I believe hasn’t taken off that well here in Brisbane but it was handy to pay $2 to have a bike to cycle across the city in. I felt tired before I started the race with being sleepy and cycling!

City Cycle

Shaun’s idea was to cycle to the race from where we parked the car. It wasn’t the most glamorous of experiences!

When we arrived our team was well and truly into the race already. John went at 5 to do 10k and then Matt second. Shaun was third and I was 4th and then Alex after us. I ran my 10k and the first mistake I made was I got off the Goodwill Bridge and turned right instead of left! Coordination and directions have never been a strong point of mine but I soon realised I’d gone the wrong way and quickly turned around. I felt really strong and ran out and back fairly evenly – I think we all raced off quickly for the first leg.

So basically you had a choice in teams of running 5k legs or 10k – the 10k went across the Goodwill Bridge and along towards the Regatta and the 5k didn’t go across the bridge but went down towards the Jazz Club on the Brisbane river. It was a bit boring when others were running and it gave time for muscles to seize up!

Getting a good leg stretch

The leg stretches got me through – i would have preferred to have run the distance in one go i think

I found when i stopped that my hamstring was sore so went for a leg stretch with the guys who were giving leg massage/stretches from Prestige Lifestyles which helped but as the day went on things got worse because of the stopping and starting. The next leg which was 5k started a bit stressful since I realised the joystick on my TomTom watch had fallen off somewhere and I couldn’t find it and had to start running as Shaun came in – so I had no idea how fast or slow I was going! I found the 5k itself to be quite boring but also got sick of weaving in and out of people as it was just a public footpath not taped off for the run so I didn’t think that aspect of the race was so great.

My husband and son arrived to support me but I was in a bit of pain so couldn’t walk around too much so bub was a bit bored. By the time we came for the last leg I was doing my 5k and then as I was last at this point I then had to turn back around and run the Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 12.07.18 pmlast 5k with the whole team so got to do 10k at the end. My legs were sore but I figured this would be better for my hamstring than doing a 5k and stopping again and waiting for the last 5k. When I finished my 5k and picked the guys up I struggled all the way to the 2.5k point and then turning around and knowing we only had 2.5k left I suddenly felt like someone had charged me up and was raring to go! I realised I hadn’t run as a team for a very long time and struggled to keep with their pace as they were taking it slow and I just wanted the pain to stop and to finish so I raced off a couple of times, realised and then slowed again – so they must have been thinking – hmm she’s not much of a team player is she!!!

Smiling faces now we have finished

Smiling faces now we have finished

We finished the race and I got one final leg stretch done and hobbled back with my husband and bub to the car very glad it was over. I am not sure I would do it again as I think I would rather have done the distance in one go. It didn’t help having a hamstring issue either so I’ll be resting mostly now until two weeks when it is the Bridge to Brisbane!



Brrr it’s cold for training in Brissie

28 May

I’m sat looking out of the window in my office watching the rain pouring down quite thankful I am sick at the moment! I have friends that I call ‘all weather nuts! (sorry Shaun!) who will train come rain, hail or shine! Me on the other hand if it was raining before my trainers touched the outside then it would either be a lie in or an indoor training session. I’m a delicate flower and don’t welcome the prospect of being sick all in the name of a training session :-) I can hear some of you saying ‘Suck it up Princess!’ – sorry I am a sook!

It’s gotten very cold in Brisbane the last few days and as a result a lot of people I’ve spoken too have gotten sick – and I came down with something a few days ago and currently still sound like a female version of Barry White – so haven’t done anything remotely exercise orientated in the last few days! Still not able to run at the moment but being sick and not even being able to do weights or walk the dog has driven me stir crazy!

Hope you have had a better training week than I have and haven’t succumbed to sickness. Will write more soon when my brain doesn’t feel like it is full of candy floss!

Happy Running :-)

Vote for The Girl That Runs in @RunStopShop’s quest to find their favourite running blogger

15 May

Hi, how is your training going?

It’s been so nice in Brisbane today, perfect weather for training outside :-) I managed to drag the dog out for a walk this morning at 6am and have been racing around ever since – going to try and fit a weights session in later if I can!

I need your help :-)

My blog has been highlighted in a list of  10 running blogs across Australia in a poll to find the best! I am so surprised that my little blog has made it to someone’s list and not really expecting to win as there are some very strong contenders out there – but would really appreciate you voting for me in the poll if you get a chance :-)It’s just a bit of fun but it made me much better seeing the email yesterday after not such a good day :-)  Thanks RunStopShop :-)

Vote here – thanks for supporting me :-)


Running without time

21 Oct

How has your training been this week?

Garmin 405cxI did a killer session yesterday as in the morning I ran up Mt Cootha – 10.5k but very hilly, and then in the afternoon I did a 20k bike ride with my friends. I was convinced I would be ok to train again this morning but when my alarm went off at 5.45am and I tried to get out of bed my legs and hips did not want to move and hurt in a way I knew I would end up literally crawling on the 10k I had planned, so I rolled over and went back to sleep.

Anyway I digress slightly. When I was running up Mount Cootha yesterday I realised 500m in that I hadn’t charged my Garmin watch properly and it died on me. My first reaction was to think argh – shall I run back to the car park and use my iPhone Map My Run  app or Strava? but I made the decision to keep going even though I knew now I wouldn’t have any running stats.

But you know what….it was actually quite liberating, just to run and not to be looking down at my time per kilometre or my heart rate. I literally had to go on how I felt. I felt good, and I did walk a little bit this week as it was my first proper run back since my holiday but I really enjoyed my run, I got to look around and look at all the beautiful scenery that’s all around on Mount Cootha and to suddenly take in that I was outdoors, running – doing what I love and I had a really great run. I finished the final sprint back to the car park with a smile on my face and it set me up for the day.

I think a run every now and again without wearing my watch might be good but I have to admit, I did find myself wondering what my time was and whether I had broken any of my times according to the Strava segments – very sad you say …….. I know!

So do you run with a watch when you train? If not is there  a particular reason why you don’t?

Happy training and have a great week next week!

Too busy to run?

23 Aug

This week and part of last week has been so busy I feel like I haven’t had room to breathe ! As a result though I haven’t done as much training as I would like. I have tried to fit things in when I can and have had lots of late nights and early starts and then been flat out all day so it has actually pretty much been impossible.

Do you find you don’t always have time to train? and what do you do about it? It’s very easy to just think ‘Oh I don’t have much time, forget the training!’ but I really tried to think of things I could do that I could do in the minimum time but with the maximum output. Here are some of my ideas and things I have actually done this week and last:

Treadmill – sprints

I only literally had 20 mins or so one day this week so I jumped on the treadmill, did a short warm up and then sprinted like there was no tomorrow with less rest than I would normally have. It’s a great way to get a short, sharp and sweet workout but still get a good quality session in. Alternatively a brisk walk uphill on the treadmill or outside would be good too.

Spinning bike in the gym – sprints 

Again – hard training on the spin bike is a cool way to burn off some serious fat and kilojoules and if you haven’t got much time a good hard sprint session is good or an uphill climb.

Ab ripper

I am a fan of p90x and their Ab Ripper X cd is awesome and it’s only 15 minutes long – perfect for a core workout when you haven’t got time to do anything else.

X Trainer 

I don’t use the cross trainer that much but their interval hills program is awesome and when I train with my friend and make her put it up a level i get evil looks! A short sharp session on that would be good when you don’t have much time either.

Is there anything I have missed? What do you do?

It’s a dog eat runner world

16 Aug

I’ve been running pretty well lately. I think the Olympics has spurred me on. I decided yesterday that I would start to up my mileage and ended up running 13k which was great ,bar the route I was on I knew had lots of four legged friends on it.

As a runner dogs have always been an issue. I remember running in Richmond Park in London and being chased by a big dog once in a while but never really had an major issues until I moved to Australia. My friends and I have been chased, snarled at and barked at by lots of unleashed dogs and so far there haven’t been any injuries but I have read about lots, so am very cautious whenever I run.


Not all dogs are as cute as our dog who would never hurt a fly. When out running, dogs can be a real hazard.

A friend told me a while ago that one of her runner friends was set upon whilst out running by two staffies who worked together as a pack in an attempt to maul him – he ended up  having to hit one in the face and they both ran off. I had a similar incident where a dog ran out at my friend – it didnt see me and was snarling and growling as it ran at her. I screamed at it and said a few naughty words at it and it looked at me and scarpered off.

The route I ran yesterday I knew had a few dogs on it so I was very careful to tip toe past hoping that I wouldn’t get chased. It was a bit scary as I was on my own thinking about what I would do if a dog came running after me. Thankfully yesterday was a good day – a few barks and a few growls and I was ok. But what should you do if encountered by a dog?

My friends and I have tended to slow down and walk when we see a dog unleashed and to not look at it directly in the eye, and so far that has worked. I read a recent article that gives a bit more information and here is a summary:

1. avoid smiling – they actually say to avoid smiling at the dog as it means revealing your teeth which can be seen as baring your teeth for a fight! I’d never thought of that – nor would I normally intentionally smile at an aggressive dog!

2. look for the warning signs – according to the article if a dogs head is up and head level it means it means business as is an even steady run, whereas a dog with its head held high or low is probably not going to attack.

3. remain calm – I remember when my friend and I got chased on one occasion, she was freaking out and I was remarkably calm – I also remember telling her not to worry as she was skinny and it was more likely to go for me as I had more meat on my bones! Funny the things you think as your life flashes before your eyes!

4. The article also says that if you use words like ‘go home’ or ‘down’ it may stop a momentarily attack as they are in subjugation to humans. I wasn’t quite that polite when faced with a grizzly dog!

5. The article recommends facing the dog side on rather than head on. Not sure about that either.

The article gets a bit more gruesome after that so if you want to read the rest go for it.

Have you ever been chased by a dog out running? What did you do to get away from the dog?


Happy running!

Please remember my blog posts are only based on my experience and relevant articles I refer to. Please seek advice from professionals in their field in this case Vets and people that are experienced with dogs before taking any of this advice as sound.




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