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Running song of the month

1 Aug

Oops I realised it has been ages since I posted a running song of the month. My music taste is all over the place at the moment but I checked my most popular training song for the last couple of months and it surprised me! It’s a bit lower tempo than my usual running beaty songs but it’s a cool song to train to if you concentrate on the beat and the words. Running song of the month

It’s Muse – Uprising which I love as the whole album – The Resistance is about one of my favourite books of all time – 1984! If you’ve read it you’ll understand the lyrics – awesome with a great beat to train to!

You can listen to it here :-) Had to put in as a link as Aple’s Linkmaker wouldn’t work!

Muse – Uprising 

Running song of the Month

7 Apr

It’s time for Running Song of the Month again. Running song of the month

I chose this month’s song because it really is a feel good fun song to train to. Whatever mood I am in it helps me push myself. It’s a reasonably quick BPM and makes me feel a bit girly!

So this month’s song of the month is:

California Gurls – Katy Perry –  see the link for iTunes here – California Gurls  – haven’t worked out how best to out the Android link on yet but will do for next month.

Running song of the month

30 Jan

Running song of the month How is your training going? Mine has not been too bad actually. I did a good session at the gym last night and hoping to train this afternoon depending on how my day goes.

I haven’t posted a song of the month for a while but this month’s is a cool one. It has helped push me along when I am really feeling down or needing that extra bit of oomph in my training. It’s not a fast BPM song but the words and the whole tone of the song is all I need to get me working hard.

It’s been a rough couple of months in and out of training and this song has been a great when I really needed that extra push.

So this month’s song of the month is:

Destiny’s Child - Survivor – see the link here – Survivor – #1’S

Running song of the month

24 Oct

This month’s running song is a Guy Sebastian song. I love this song and it has pushed me through lots of sprints and also I play it as a booster when I am getting tired – to renergise me and to get me home!

So the song is – Guy Sebastian – Like it like that :-)

You can hear it by clicking on the link below:

Like It Like That (Radio Edit) - Like It Like That (Radio Edit) - Single

Guy Sebastian

Running song of the month

30 Aug

My running song of the month this month I first heard in a Body Combat  class years ago  when I lived in London. It has real energy and is a great one for sprints or when you really don’t feel very motivated!

So this month’s song of the month is – Scooter, Back in the UK

Scooter, Back in the UK

Back In the U.K - Jumping All Over the World - Best of Scooter

For some reason it won’t link directly to the song so go to song 16 if you want to listen :-)

My running song of the month

1 Jul

This month’s running song of the month is not to my normal music taste but it’s a great song that I fins empowers and motivates me to run especially up hills and sprints :-)  The words are pretty good too and they got me through a tough time in my life and so this will always be on my running track list.

It’s not a fast BPM song but there’s something about it that just makes me move.

So here it is.

My favourite running song of the month is:

Britney Spears – ‘Stronger’

Britney Spears

Check it out on iTunes here:  Stronger - Greatest Hits: My Prerogative

My running song of the month

23 May

I’ve been thinking about regular post ideas for my blog and I thought how about a running song of the month post.

Basshunter - Now You're Gone

My favourite running song of the month.

I love my music and I love running with music inside on the treadmill, it helps ease the monotony. I tend not to run outside with music unless I am running with a group of people and I can always see someone and am not generally running across lots of roads.

So here it is.

My favourite running song of the month is:

Basshunter – ‘Now You’re Gone

I play this tune when I need a real rocket in my pants to finish my run or feel good and want to push. I’ve linked to it below on iTunes so you can download it or listen to it. The words are a bit crazy and he is going on about someone he misses and he’s been waiting by the telephone but I don’t tend to listen to the words just the beat :-)

Now You're Gone (Radio Edit) - Now You're Gone (feat. DJ Mental Theo's Bazzheads) - EP

Let me know what you think.

What’s your favourite song to run to at the moment?

Are you an anti social runner?

19 Nov

I think I am an anti social runner.

I find it really hard to run and chat unless I am running way slower than I would normally. I ran with my friends earlier this week and ended up running in the middle of two groups quite happy that way as it mean’t I could plug in to my iPod and push on.

I have those days when I like to just chill out and run, but these days I am finding I use my running as a filtering system and to run and think things through. Running clears the mind and soul and it’s often the only time I really have to myself to regurgitate the day/week.

What do you think about when you run?

And do you like to run with or without music? What’s your favourite running track? – Mine is currently  Bass Hunter – ‘Now You’re Gone

So today I ran the Townsville Half Marathon….

8 Aug

Today was the day.. my second half marathon this winter in Townsville.

I was pretty prepared but not prepared for the fact that Townsville was warmer than Brisbane, much warmer in fact…I was always told by my running partner back in the UK who got me through the London marathon that if it is hot then all bets are off speed wise for the race. So I decided time wise that I would take it easy in the race and not push things after previously having done that and ending up in an ambulance in London….I was also concerned that the race wasn’t starting until 7.10am which was quite late.

I was staying with friends and they were awesome in helping me prepare for the race and luckily they also had some Endura hydration and isotonic powder that i was able to use a couple of days before the race to help me prepare. Normally I don’t take new products right before a race but decided as the heat might be an issue that I would try and it seemed to be ok.

So I met one of my running buddies also doing the race and went to pick up my number yesterday and then took it easy for the rest of the day.

This morning, I was up at 5.30, had my oats and banana and some water and set off for the race. As usual I had a bit of a dodgy stomach. I always get nervous before races and this was no exception. I don’t know why I get nervous as it isn’t like I was intending to win…I think this race was a case of trying not to be last as I said in my last post! I basically emptied my stomach and felt a bit queasy so was a bit apprehensive about the race.

The race kicked off at 7ish and I did my best not to get carried along with those whose adrenalin pushes them along and kept looking at my Garmin and keeping a steady pace determined not to be put off by all the people passing me. My average pace was 5.20kms which wasn’t bad so I maintained that. I got about 10k into the race and didn’t feel well. I slowed down and ended up having to dash across the road to the toilet in some bushes and then took an energy gel to put me back on the road and pushed on. It was quite a mundane race course as you literally ran up one side of the coast and then back. Back was better than up as it felt every step I took I was nearing the end.

I picked up a bit of speed and was determined to get back on track. I remember listening to P!nk – Just like a Pill and then (can you believe) Britney Spears – Stronger and the lyrics are actually pretty good – about running as fast as you can (P!nk) and being stronger than yesterday (Britney) – sad I know but when you are fighting the urge to give up everything helps!

So I got to 3k left and I passed a guy walking and pushed him on to start running, and he started running with me which was great as I needed the company and kept pushing him and pushing him, and the more I pushed him the more I was able to push myself. He probably has told his friends that some bossy English nutter was screeching at him to finish…oh well it worked – he kept running and so did I, in fact I sprinted the last km and I think I did a 4.09km! I was determined to just finish and make up the time I’d lost from having to stop.

So I finished in 2 hours flat which considering I wasn’t feeling well and had to stop I was really pleased with. I think I may even do it next year too – we’ll see. I am a little bit stiff this evening but feeling good and back in Brisbane, going to have a rest and then start training for the next race which is the Bridge to Brisbane at the end of the month.

and the beat goes on….

14 Jul

I don’t know about you but music really motivates me when exercising.

I have found in some races that often music has been the only thing that has stopped me from full on giving up especially in marathons, and in the gym it’s the music that has helped me to hit that faster speed or run that extra kilometre on the treadmill. I only tend to listen to music when in the gym or in a race though as running at the times that I do – early in the morning or in the evening I like to know what’s going on around me and feel safer that way from moving vehicles and anything else that I may need to be aware of.

An article in MX newspaper today that I was reading on my home from work said that according to University of Southern Queensland psychology professor Peter Terry – listening to music whilst you train could actually make you train harder, better, faster and stronger. His findings went on to say that that elite athletes who listened to music whilst they ran had measurably lower oxygen requirements than those who did not and that music influences physiologically by regulating the heart rate and enhancing oxygen. Interesting stuff hey!

The research showed that elite athletes could run for an extra 1.5 minutes just by listening to their preferred music. One and a half minutes doesnt sound much I guess but at the paces that elite athletes run that is probably considerable.

So is at all about the tempo? I know for me I like a good beat and something that is pumping and pushes me along but I have friends who will listen to audio cds (as in spoken word) and classical music to motivate them so I guess it depends on the individual. That’s certainly what the article went on to say today too.

So on my iPod at the moment my top training tunes  on my ‘running tunes’ playlist are:

  • Boys and Girls – Pixie Lott
  • I Like it like that – Guy Sebastian
  • Now you’re gone – Basshunter
  • Celebration (Benny Benassi mix) – Madonna
  • Fight for this love (club mix) – Cheryl Cole
  • Insomnia (monster mix) – Faithless
  • Someday – RezonanceQ – this is my race finisher song too :-) I always like to have one that pushes me that extra mile/km to cross that finish line!

These are just some of the tunes that are motivating me at the moment. What motivates you? Do you listen to music when you run? Are you against it?

I’d love to hear from anyone that has an opinion…

Bye for now


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