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Product Reviews: Musashi Lean Protein and Syn-Tec Synthesis Protein

14 Feb

Just as I found out I was pregnant I was sent some samples of a few different  protein products to try and I wasn’t keen on taking them being pregnant – so being surrounded by friends who are personal trainers or fitness plays a big part in their life I asked them to trial them for me and have only just got around to going through them to share with you.

The first one I wanted to share was the Musashi Lean Protein Chocolate Flavour and Syn-Tec Synthesis Protein. Before I was pregnant I used to use lots of protein powders and so I would have liked to have tried these. Instead I asked my wonderful friend Nadia who owns her own personal training business NADU Fitness to try the proteins on my behalf and this is what she had to say:


The Musashi protein chocolate flavour protein tastes amazing. I’m not a big fan of chocolate protein drinks but this one had a smooth texture and was not too chocolatey.

The Syn Tec Synthesis tastes great with milk.


On the Musashi Lean Protein – It only contains 1.9g of carbs which is great for those following a low carb diet. It also has less than 1g of sugar and is low lactose for those who can’t stomach too much lactose.

It has 18.4g of protein per 24g of protein powder which is a good amount.

On the Syn Tec Synthesis it’s high in protein (27g) which is fantastic for muscle recovery and it is great for those on a low carb diet as it only contains 1.7g of carbs and only 0.8g of sugar. It is packed with Vitamin B, creatine and many more supplements.

Zoe’s note:

The Musashi Lean can probably be brought in health food stores and also in Coles and Woolworths depending on what each store stocks but the Synthesis looked a bit more hardcore with text on the side of the container like Extreme Nutrition for Extreme Strength athletes – I haven’t seen their products anywhere apart from nutrition and supplement stores and am not sure whether it is something I would take.

Syn Tec Synthesis Protein

Syn Tec Synthesis Protein – described as extreme nutrition for extreme strength athletes

Musashi Lean WPI Protein

Musashi Lean WPI Protein

Product Review – @BodyScience Fuel Energy Gel & Energy Bar

31 May

I haven’t done a product review for a while and I had a friend ask me about the products I used to power up before and during a run so I thought it would be a good time to talk about the  products I have used.

Before I had to taper down my training for a while I was on fire training wise doing a fair amount of riding as well as running. At one point I was clocking up a good 100k

in riding a week and a fair few km in running so i found I was burning a lot of energy, getting half way through and running out of steam. It so happened at that time that BodyScience who I am an avid supporter of kindly sent me their new range of fuel bars and gels to try – perfect.

So one day on a ride when I was feeling really sluggish I decided I would try them both out together as the bar is a Performance Fuel Energy Bar and you are meant to eat one bar 15 mins before your run/ride – race and then either eat the bar 45 mins into session or in my case I chose to take the gel which advises you take 30-45 mins into exercise. The result was great – I was on fire and I was able to seriously push myself and felt a bit like a Duracell battery bunny and it gave me loads of energy.

BodyScience Fuel 01 and 02 review

BodyScience Fuel 01 and 02 review

Different things work for different people but on this occasion the bar and the gel worked well for me and have continued to do so.

The bars were a bit of a trial to eat as they are quite chewy – great flavour – vanilla nougat which I really liked. I couldn’t eat a whole one in one go so munched part way into my ride. One bar (40g) gives 21.8g of carbohydrate which was a good amount and they are reasonably low in fat, providing 638KJ.

The gels I had a bit of trouble with flavour wise – the flavour was lemon and lime and I didn’t like it all. I had trouble swallowing as the flavour really didn’t appeal to me but the end result was great energy wise so I guess you have to toss it up – which is more important flavour or effectiveness. I remember my friend and I running and we both were using the Powergel gels a long time ago and the only flavour our local store had was chocolate – we both nearly gagged trying to swallow the gel so the lemon and lime in this gel was not quite that bad.

Energy wise the gel provides 418KJ, slightly more carbs than the bar – 23.6g and no fat which is a huge bonus!

I often find the gels easier when you are on the go training as they are easy to rip the top off, squeeze into the mouth and keep pushing on so it comes down to preference and what you prefer to use.


I’ll be running a competition soon to win some of the gels so watch this space.

Happy Running/Riding :-)


Loving my new CW-X compression pants!

18 Mar

I was recently sent a pair of CW-X compression StabilyX pants to try out. I didn’t think anything would feel better than the compression pants I have at the moment but these ones are great!  I hadn’t actually heard of this brand but apparently they are available over here in Australia now and you can order from their website http://www.cw-x.com.au.. 

I ordered according to the sizing chart and got my pants in the mail and when I first took them out of the packet I was a bit worried as they looked like they would fit a 7 year old! I was even contemplating passing them onto my PT friend as they looked so small but when I tried them on I found they were very flexible but very tight – in a good way – I marvelled at my lovely looking behind as the pants pulled all my bits in – another bonus! It did however take a bit of grunting and pulling and bending to get them on but once on they were very comfortable. 

I also like that they aren’t low rising as normally, not being a skinny minny runner I get a nice little muffin top over the top of my pants and feel very self conscious when out running.  

The other great thing about these pants is that they have been designed with runners in mind and have a patented kinesiology support webbing to specifically target areas such as the hamstrings, hip flexors, ITB and back which is excellent for those of us with niggling injuries every now and again.

Women's StabilyX capri pants

I used a shot from the website as I wasn’t ready for my butt to be on display on here :-)

I went for a run in them at lunch time today with the dog and I have to say they were very comfortable and I had no problems with them and I felt a fair bit of support on my knees which was good.

The only thing I could potentially say is a down side is that the fabric is quite thick and if you are someone who feels the heat like I do these would probably be your winter tights rather than summer as the fabric is quite thick – awesome for when it is cold but not for our Queensland summers! Although they do have a UV protection rating of UPF 40+ – but just a bit thick. They do do more of a short than a capri so they may be more suitable for this time of the year.

Product review: Slim Secrets Low Carb Fit Balls @slimsecretssnax

16 Oct

It’s product review time again :-)

Mint Fit Balls This time I decided to try the new Slim Secrets Low Carb Fit Balls.

I had previously tried one of their berry flavoured products a long time and wasn’t too keen on it – but I guess it comes down to the flavour and we all like different things, and I previously tried a bar – these were balls so quite different consistency wise.

I had the Choc Mint Chip flavour to try and I have to say they are delicious! It was almost as good as eating real chocolate and portion wise you get about 5 so that was a good number for me to munch on throughout the day.

The balls are low sugar, wheat free and they also contain chia which according to The Chia co is a superfood and the highest plant based source of omega 3.

For the number crunchers out there a 50g serving of balls contains:

741kj (177 calories)

16.0g protein

5.8g fat

1.9g carbohydrate

I’ve seen the Slim Secrets range in Coles, Woolworths and IGA so if you want to try them you can get them at any major supermarket by the looks of it.

So I’d definitely eat these again and would describe them as light and refreshing and good to eat on the go rather than chocolate.

Product Review: Siberian Red – natural health elixir

24 Sep

I was recently sent details of a product called Siberian Red which is a 100% natural health elixir that contains lots of powerful antioxidants. I was asked if I would like to review it and thought – why not!

So what is it exactly and what is it meant to do?

The liquid is made from an extract form of Siberian fir tree needles bizarrely and it apparently helps to fight fatigue, supports rehydration and also contains lots of iron. In a nutshell it’s meant to make you feel better, have more energy and thanks to the antioxidants – ‘fight the unwanted effects of free radicals that are released into the body through things such as exercise, digestion, UV exposure and pollution.

red siberian


I have to say I poured out my first measure thinking I hope it tastes nice, and boy I got a shock. It was not a pleasant taste but I guess drinking fir tree needles was never going to be like drinking orange juice. I got into a routine of ‘skulling’ the drink and chasing it down with a juice afterwards. Not sure whether that’s how I was meant to take it or whether I was meant to sip throughout the day but the taste was not nice at all – but I figured if it’s going to do me some good I’m up for it.


I took Siberian Red over a month in order to see whether it made any difference to me. I don’t know if it was a coincidence but I did find I had more energy – and I got a little bit of a buzz at first and felt a bit like a Duracell battery bunny – but that might just have been me as I am very sensitive to anything like that and caffeine or any vitamin cocktail.

I do feel better in myself and my energy levels have definitely improved since taking the product – but whether that is a coincidence or not I am unsure.

Overall I would consider Siberian Red might be of use to your diet especially if you are prone to low iron levels- but always consult a doctor or naturopath before starting this kind of thing as I am not a trained doctor/physician and these are purely my opinions and thoughts as a reviewer.

For more details about Siberian Red visit their website.

Product Review: BenchBusters ACL Injury prevention portal

8 Aug

I don’t know about you but I have been glued to the Olympics, hence my lack of posts in the last week or so. It’s been great to see Great Britain doing so well. Have been somewhat homesick, but I’ll get over it. The blue Brisbane sky reminds me why I moved here :-)My favourite event so far had to be the mens 100 metres watching Bolt – literally bolt! Amazing runner. Also it’s good to see the Aussies getting a few more golds.

If you are a regular reader of my blog then you will know I have had a few injuries, and so when I was asked to review a product around injury avoidance I jumped at the chance.

In case you aren’t aware, the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) is a ligament in the knee and a lot of runners and athletes get ACL injuries each year  when the ACL is over stretched. Bench Busters have created a whole portal dedicated to ACL injury prevention which consists of videos, articles and a brochure all about how to prevent tearing your ACL.

I hadn’t heard of Bench Busters before so a bit of background. The company was created ‘to provide safe training techniques that emphasize muscular balance and proper biomechanics in order to prevent injury’. And through years of research and hands on work with athletes, they say that they have come to see the undeniable truth; 90% of injury is a result of bad form and improper body mechanics!

They also say on their site that prevention programs focused on biomechanics have proven to reduce the rate of injury by up to 89%. Their key messaging states that the 30 minutes spent 3 times a week can help avoid the huge cost of surgery, physical therapy, and time spent recovering.

blog posts

Informative blog posts

So what are they selling?

Basically for a once off fee of $29.99  you get unlimited access to 34 minutes of instructional video demonstrating ACL prevention exercises and how to do them right, and a 43 page instructional manual to view online or download showing the exercises too. There are also a whole host of blog posts and news articles around the topic.

Bench Busters

The video shows you how to do each prevention exercise

The site seems very informative and certainly has plenty of exercises on and information around ACL, and for $29.99 it is very good value. If you have suffered this injury it could be a great way to build your knee up to prevent it from happening again.

The downloadable manual is excellent and gives really indepth information about the knee and also shows you some great core exercises such as the pelvic tilt, supine leg circles and double leg lifts in order to strengthen the body. It tells you what areas of the body you are working as well as giving hints and tips, and is meant to be used alongside the video.

I certainly wouldn’t however  be using this without having seen my physio or chiropractor and wouldn’t really replace them with this service. It is handy to have this information available but I figured that the knee is tricky and with injuries I have learned to have someone examine me and then tell me what exercises to do.

Some of the exercises you can just do as part of your daily training but like I say I wouldn’t replace advice of a physio or doctor with this, it is purely meant as a preventative.

So I guess to summarise it’s a really cost effective product to buy if you are wanting to build up your core as well as prevent injury.

Please note that I am not a doctor or trained professional in fitness so please do not take any of this article as advice, it is purely my opinion based on experience. Please consult your doctor, physio before embarking on any new exercise or fitness regimes.

Cookbook Review : LivWise by Olivia Newton John

23 Jun

I love cooking from scratch and cooking healthy food. I like the idea of knowing what’s in what i am eating so I have a big range of cookbooks. A lot of them I have only used once but a good number have become my staples in the kitchen.

Livwise I recently got the LivWise cookbook which was produced by Olivia Newton in collaboration with some of her recipes and some of her chefs recipes at the Gaia Resort that she owns. I have always ummmmed and ahhhhed at celebrity cookbooks as a lot of them just use a ghost writer and put their name to the book, but I know she leads a very healthy life and is a strong believer in you are what you eat.

The other thing I liked was that all of her royalties from the sale of the book go to her Cancer foundation which she set up after having had breast cancer.

The recipes I have to say are amazing. I’ve cooked a number of them now and have loved every single one of them. Some of the ingredients are not on the cheap end of the scale in terms of buying things like Agar Agar and Agave Syrup but I’ve loved every minute of finding out about new foods that I didn’t know existed and enjoying eating food that is good for me and tastes great.

It took a while to get used to the desserts not being that sweet but I am getting used to it all now and thoroughly recommend the book if you like good food but want to eat healthily.

The book has a good range of food to cook and covers breakfasts, shakes, smoothies and juices, starters and snacks, salads and dressings, mains and dessert. The only thing I found and it was my mistake was not reading the recipe all the way through and realising I was meant to marinate something for 3 hours or for overnight but that’s me being absent minded. There are some quick recipes in the book too.

Happy cooking! and have a great weekend!

Product Review: C Coconut Water

17 Apr

C Coconut Water I have never tried Coconut Water but was asked if I would like to review some C Coconut Water, so I thought why not! In the past when I have  seen coconut water in the shops for some reason I always thought of it being like coconut milk, and the thought of drinking that rich flavour really put me off.

I find in my training that in the past I have used a lot of sports gels and drinks and they are so sugary they they haven’t had a good effect on my body or teeth when I have been guzzling them like there is no tomorrow, I of course know differently now in terms of to limit myself and not drink them all the time.

The benefits

Coconut Water is apparently:

  1. The only known liquid on earth that can be used as a substitute to blood in human transfusions
  2. It is also more isotonic and hydrating thanregular sports drinks and of course has no added sugar
  3. The C Coconut Water has more potassium than a banana
  4. It’s also low calorie and more nutritious than whole milk with no cholesterol and less sugar
C Coconut Water boasts that it can help clear up complexions, cure a hangover, boosts your immune system, aids circulation and increase your metabolism. I was sold based on the complexion and metabolism!

So I tried it and it’s consistency was literally like water. I found the taste quite watery (to be expected!) with a hint of coconut. I would definitely drink it ice cold as when it started to warm up a bit closer to room temperature it was a bit harder to stomach.

I am not sure how much I could drink in one sitting but I think when our palates are so used to such and sugary things it takes a while to change so I am not giving up on it especially when it has so many benefits, and if it gets me not having to drink sugary gels and sports drinks then I am sold!

Product Review – Body Science low carb bars @bodyscience

19 Mar
Body Science Lo Carb bar

Body Science Lo Carb bar

So a week or so ago  I reviewed Body Science’s  Body Shaping Protein powder in the first of a couple of product reviews of their products. You can read the review here. This week I am reviewing their Lo Carb lite bars which are a high protein thermogenic bar. They sent me the Swisse Chocolate bar and the Lemon Meringue flavour.

I’ve never really been a big protein bar person and the ones I have tried I haven’t been a huge fan of. When I was doing P90x a while ago I used to eat the Lo Carb bars and they left a bit of an aftertaste in my mouth so in order to be fair I asked one my friends who eats protein bars everyday to also try them.

I find it really handy to have a protein bar in my bag for after the gym or even if I feel I need a snack when I am racing around. The bars are not that big 40g – so fit nicely into whatever bag I am using.

So here’s what we think:


I actually preferred the lemon flavour whilst my friend preferred the chocolate. The chocolate was too much for me so if you like really rich and full on flavour go for the chocolate. We both found the bars to be filling which is good and at 141 calories a bar the bars aren’t too calorie laden.

Nutritional value

The nutritional value is very good. Low fat, low carbs and low sugar – perfect! Some bars I have had have been so sugary that I have not been able to finish them.

The protein value is very good , as it has 14 grams of protein in each bar,… (for good protein bars, you need to have at least 15 grams to help you reach your goal of 50 grams of protein a day) 

Also this has Whey protein , I’m not sure how much, but I know Whey protein is the best protein.   

The sugar value is 1.4 grams  – ( for good protein bars, the sugar should be under 5%)

Fibre – this is 6 grams fiber – (for good protein bars there should be fiber)  My friend said she has tried some other protein bars, and there has no fibre!

Fats – Bar is 3.1 gram.  (for good protein bars, they should not contain bad fats and trans fats, that can lead to heart disease.) The fats in a good protein bar should be good fats (saturated)
 and Canola oil.  This  bar  Body & Lo Carb lite protein bar, contains that. 

So all in all the bars get out thumbs up. My friend is a protein bar junkie so if she says it’s good, I believe her!

Next week I have the Body Science Lo Carb bites and the on the go protein shake to review.

Product Review – Body Science Shaping Protein for Women

5 Mar

I was recently contacted by Body Science and asked if I would trial some of their products that they have developed just for women. So a nice package arrived on my doorstep and I decided I’d try them all and review them over a couple of posts.

I always like to know a bit about the company whose products I am using so I did a bit of research and found out that Body Science is Australian owned and was formed in 1999 with the main aim of producing innovative and effective health and nutrition supplements. Their partner list is pretty impressive so I figured their products must be ok….

Body Science Shaping Protein for Women I decided to review their Body Shaping Protein for Women first. I normally use Scivation whey protein so this was a bit of a change, but I have to say a pleasant one.

The flavour that Body Science sent was Summer Berries so I was expecting a bit of an artificial flavour but found it really nice just as a milkshake. I normally have a scoop of my whey protein with a bit of milk, some frozen berries and maybe a banana as my breakfast but tried this as a milkshake and it was really yummy – and I’m not just saying that. I tried another shake a few weeks ago and it was horrid and really powdery so I’d recommend this one.

Nutrition wise per 25g serve it has 18.2g protein and is 334 kj (before you add any other ingredients)  which protein wise is slightly less than my Scivation which is 22g but there isn’t much difference. The fat content is very low compared to my Scivation which is 2g whereas the Body Science is less than a gram! Carb wise there is 0.79g carbs per serving which again is less than my Scivation. But I think it is roughly the same as the serving size is slightly bigger for the Scivation.

But have a look for yourself and see what you think. Tip – I did see it at Woolworths today for $27!

Body Science have developed some recipes to use the product in. I made some muffins this morning as I didn’t think I could write about them without making them. You can see their original recipe here but you’ll notice as you go through that they failed to mention a few items so I made my own up – see my recipe below.

Muffins Raspberry and Apple Muffins

- adapted from Body Science Low Carb Apple Blueberry Muffins


1.5 cups ground almonds

1/2 cup desiccated coconut

1/2 cup body science vanilla creme powder – well I hadn’t been sent vanilla so I used my summer berries one

2 tsp baking powder

1tsp ground cinnamon

1 cup chipped dried apple

1 peeled grated apple (oops i just realised I forgot to put this in!)

6 egg whites or 3 free range organic eggs

2tsp vanilla

1/2 cup vanilla – I presumed that meant vanilla essence

2 tbsp sweetener or honey – I hate sweeteners so I used honey

1 cup fresh or frozen blueberries – I only had raspberries in the freezer so used them

** they mention maple syrup and flour in the recipe but didn’t list them in ingredients so I added a cup of SR flour but didn’t add the maple syrup. See what I mean – a bit confusing!


1. preheat oven to 180

2. in a bowl, combine the ground almonds, coconut, flour (you can use soy flour if you want it to be gluten free), baking powder, cinnamon and dried apple

3. Add the eggs, vanilla, milk, protein powder, (and maple syrup if you decide to use some- not too much though!) and mix well – fold in raspberries or whatever you are using last

4. spoon into muffin cups and bake for 35-40 mins until cooked through and golden – they should spring back when touched

5. Cool and enjoy

I’ll be reviewing another Body Science product in the next few days.


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