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Product Review – @BodyScience Fuel Energy Gel & Energy Bar

31 May

I haven’t done a product review for a while and I had a friend ask me about the products I used to power up before and during a run so I thought it would be a good time to talk about the  products I have used.

Before I had to taper down my training for a while I was on fire training wise doing a fair amount of riding as well as running. At one point I was clocking up a good 100k

in riding a week and a fair few km in running so i found I was burning a lot of energy, getting half way through and running out of steam. It so happened at that time that BodyScience who I am an avid supporter of kindly sent me their new range of fuel bars and gels to try – perfect.

So one day on a ride when I was feeling really sluggish I decided I would try them both out together as the bar is a Performance Fuel Energy Bar and you are meant to eat one bar 15 mins before your run/ride – race and then either eat the bar 45 mins into session or in my case I chose to take the gel which advises you take 30-45 mins into exercise. The result was great – I was on fire and I was able to seriously push myself and felt a bit like a Duracell battery bunny and it gave me loads of energy.

BodyScience Fuel 01 and 02 review

BodyScience Fuel 01 and 02 review

Different things work for different people but on this occasion the bar and the gel worked well for me and have continued to do so.

The bars were a bit of a trial to eat as they are quite chewy – great flavour – vanilla nougat which I really liked. I couldn’t eat a whole one in one go so munched part way into my ride. One bar (40g) gives 21.8g of carbohydrate which was a good amount and they are reasonably low in fat, providing 638KJ.

The gels I had a bit of trouble with flavour wise – the flavour was lemon and lime and I didn’t like it all. I had trouble swallowing as the flavour really didn’t appeal to me but the end result was great energy wise so I guess you have to toss it up – which is more important flavour or effectiveness. I remember my friend and I running and we both were using the Powergel gels a long time ago and the only flavour our local store had was chocolate – we both nearly gagged trying to swallow the gel so the lemon and lime in this gel was not quite that bad.

Energy wise the gel provides 418KJ, slightly more carbs than the bar – 23.6g and no fat which is a huge bonus!

I often find the gels easier when you are on the go training as they are easy to rip the top off, squeeze into the mouth and keep pushing on so it comes down to preference and what you prefer to use.


I’ll be running a competition soon to win some of the gels so watch this space.

Happy Running/Riding :-)


Product Review: C Coconut Water

17 Apr

C Coconut Water I have never tried Coconut Water but was asked if I would like to review some C Coconut Water, so I thought why not! In the past when I have  seen coconut water in the shops for some reason I always thought of it being like coconut milk, and the thought of drinking that rich flavour really put me off.

I find in my training that in the past I have used a lot of sports gels and drinks and they are so sugary they they haven’t had a good effect on my body or teeth when I have been guzzling them like there is no tomorrow, I of course know differently now in terms of to limit myself and not drink them all the time.

The benefits

Coconut Water is apparently:

  1. The only known liquid on earth that can be used as a substitute to blood in human transfusions
  2. It is also more isotonic and hydrating thanregular sports drinks and of course has no added sugar
  3. The C Coconut Water has more potassium than a banana
  4. It’s also low calorie and more nutritious than whole milk with no cholesterol and less sugar
C Coconut Water boasts that it can help clear up complexions, cure a hangover, boosts your immune system, aids circulation and increase your metabolism. I was sold based on the complexion and metabolism!

So I tried it and it’s consistency was literally like water. I found the taste quite watery (to be expected!) with a hint of coconut. I would definitely drink it ice cold as when it started to warm up a bit closer to room temperature it was a bit harder to stomach.

I am not sure how much I could drink in one sitting but I think when our palates are so used to such and sugary things it takes a while to change so I am not giving up on it especially when it has so many benefits, and if it gets me not having to drink sugary gels and sports drinks then I am sold!

Product Review – Body Science low carb bars @bodyscience

19 Mar
Body Science Lo Carb bar

Body Science Lo Carb bar

So a week or so ago  I reviewed Body Science’s  Body Shaping Protein powder in the first of a couple of product reviews of their products. You can read the review here. This week I am reviewing their Lo Carb lite bars which are a high protein thermogenic bar. They sent me the Swisse Chocolate bar and the Lemon Meringue flavour.

I’ve never really been a big protein bar person and the ones I have tried I haven’t been a huge fan of. When I was doing P90x a while ago I used to eat the Lo Carb bars and they left a bit of an aftertaste in my mouth so in order to be fair I asked one my friends who eats protein bars everyday to also try them.

I find it really handy to have a protein bar in my bag for after the gym or even if I feel I need a snack when I am racing around. The bars are not that big 40g – so fit nicely into whatever bag I am using.

So here’s what we think:


I actually preferred the lemon flavour whilst my friend preferred the chocolate. The chocolate was too much for me so if you like really rich and full on flavour go for the chocolate. We both found the bars to be filling which is good and at 141 calories a bar the bars aren’t too calorie laden.

Nutritional value

The nutritional value is very good. Low fat, low carbs and low sugar – perfect! Some bars I have had have been so sugary that I have not been able to finish them.

The protein value is very good , as it has 14 grams of protein in each bar,… (for good protein bars, you need to have at least 15 grams to help you reach your goal of 50 grams of protein a day) 

Also this has Whey protein , I’m not sure how much, but I know Whey protein is the best protein.   

The sugar value is 1.4 grams  – ( for good protein bars, the sugar should be under 5%)

Fibre – this is 6 grams fiber – (for good protein bars there should be fiber)  My friend said she has tried some other protein bars, and there has no fibre!

Fats – Bar is 3.1 gram.  (for good protein bars, they should not contain bad fats and trans fats, that can lead to heart disease.) The fats in a good protein bar should be good fats (saturated)
 and Canola oil.  This  bar  Body & Lo Carb lite protein bar, contains that. 

So all in all the bars get out thumbs up. My friend is a protein bar junkie so if she says it’s good, I believe her!

Next week I have the Body Science Lo Carb bites and the on the go protein shake to review.

Treadmill conversion sheet download

27 Jan

If you have sprint sessions in your training program like I do and need to see your per km pace in order to adjust your treadmill to the right speed, you would understand my frustration when my gym changed its treadmills. Great that they changed them and updated the equipment but the newer ones which they put near the mirrors don’t give the per km pace. I’m not vain in my needing to be near the mirrors but I am so used to running outside and have awful balance that if I run facing a wall and can’t see myself running I tend to fight to stay on the treadmill and have nearly fallen off on a number of occasions not running facing the mirror!

Anyway enough rambling, I decided that enough was enough. Since the gym doesn’t provide any guides for per km pace for the treadmill I sat and did my own using the old treadmills as a guide and if you need a copy you can download it free of course   below.

Happy running!

Listen to your heart ….. rate

19 Apr

So I think I really need to change my alarm tune on my iPhone as it is currently Bruno Mars – ‘The Lazy Song’ which the first line sings “today  I don’t feel like doing anything, I just wanna lay in my bed..” That was me this morning. I had a bit of a chesty wheeze and wasn’t sure whether I should be running but decided to get up and go for it and keep it a slow but steady run.

I put my Garmin on and got ready and started running. It was so dark and cold I really didn’t want to go but I know that once I get started I always feel better. I looked down at my Garmin which thankfully has an awesome light and my heart rate said 203!!! Boy did I get the shock of my life. I was 500m into my run and wondered whether I should turn back and felt ok so figured it must have been my Garmin deciding it too wanted to stay in bed. As I got into 1500m my heart rate was pretty much back into my normal numbers and I decided to keep things relaxed this morning and ran a good 1 minute km slower as I wasnt feeling great anyway and wanted to make sure I kept my HR down.

I was always told by one of the guys at my London running club that you should take your resting heart rate every morning and if you wake up and it is higher then don’t push it as it could mean you are getting sick. So that’s exactly what I do now.

It was depressing running a really slow pace but sometimes I guess our bodies need that recovery and to just run steadily rather than running hell for leather each time we put our trainers on.

What should you pack for race day?

25 Aug

It’s the Bridge to Brisbane 10k on Sunday, my last race for a little while.

I think I am ready although I haven’t trained this week. Going to do a speed session tomorrow morning and that should do me to be honest as I still have the half marathon training on my legs.

So I just need to get my stuff ready for race day now. I have certain things that I take with me on race day :

Race number and timing chip – These are the first things that go into my bag!!! So far I have never forgotten my race number but I know people that have!

Clothes ready - I never run in new clothes that I haven’t run a good distance in before – always ones that I know are comfortable and suitable for the race.

Shoes – I never wear brand new shoes, although I broke that rule a couple of races ago as my old shoes were giving me real hassle and I had no alternative but to wear new shoes – as it was I was very lucky and didn’t have any problems.

Safety pins – if you don’t get them provided with the race kit safety pins are a staple on the race list for the race number

Water – For before and after the race

Watch and Heart Rate Monitor – I can’t race without my Garmin 405 cx – it’s my lifeline for knowing my pace during the race and keeping an eye on my heart rate

iPod – I know some people disagree with running races with music but I need mine to pump me up when I feel tired during the race. In one of my earlier blogs I have listed the kind of music I listen to – it works for me.

Gels – For longer races like half and full marathons I take my energy gels, but for the 10k on Sunday I won’t bother too much.

Energy bar or banana – I find after races I am exhausted and hungry! so I always take something with me for after the race to munch on in case I can’t eat straight the way.

Have I missed anything? What do you take with you on race day?

Finding your way…

22 Aug

I went for a run today with the girls and ended up running on my own for the last 11k following a map and directions that had been kindly out together by one of the girls – and I got lost!  I’m not too good with directions and around where I live is like a rabbit warren.Unfortunately I hadn’t entered my run into my Garmin 405 cx watch so I was really lost.

Have you ever had that problem?

Do you have an iPhone? :-)

If so there are some awesome apps available now to save you from doing what I did which was try and keep running with no idea where I was going and ended up running over what I was meant to run!

I downloaded a couple of programs onto my iPhone which to be honest I have inly used a couple of times as I bought my Garmin GPS watch but for those of you interested I found two apps quite useful:

iMap my run – this GPS app enables you to map out your routes and runs and then if you get lost like I did you can physically look on your phone and see where you are and get back on track again!!

You can invite friends who are also on map my run and share workout information , see where you ran on Google Maps and if you are a social media freak like me you can have it all feed into an activity feed to let people know how well you trained :-)

There is a free version and a paid version available.

Run Keeper – this app is awesome too – it basically a gps program that maps how far you have run in total when running. You switch it on when you start your run and if you want it will even speak to you on the way round telling you how far you’ve gone and tell you what pace you are running at.

At the end of the workout you can see on Google Maps where you have run and how far you have run. It will even give you your split times which is really helpful. The girls I run with used it one morning when we were training for our half marathon for our 1km speed sessions around the lake.

There is a free app and a paid for app and the paid for one has many bells and whistles such as music and more features.

Any others that you have used or find work?


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