My justification for buying a GPS watch to run with!

I used to have a Nike Plus, in fact I still have one I just ‘retired’t it.

For those of you that don’t know what the Nike+ is its a foot pod thing and a transmitter. You basically calibrate your stride, plug in the transmitter to your iPod and away you go.

It tells you:

  • how far you have run
  • how many calories you have burned off
  • You can choose a power song to hit on your iPod when you really need a boost
  • you get a message from Lance Armstrong or Paula Radcliffe if you beat your personal best or do a long distance
  • You can choose to run by basic, by a time or a distance

According to my Nike+ I have run 150 runs using it in the last year or so – that’s not bad for me.


The problem is, I am not a consistent runner. If I am tired my stride is shorter, if I am running up hills then my stride is shorter, if I feel strong then my stride is much longer. So here’s the problem…

Because I have calibrated my stride if my stride significantly differs from the calibrated stride then my run is inaccurate. It was only when I ran a race with it on and it said I done 2k less than the race distance was that I started to have my doubts, and wonder of those 150 runs I had done, how many were actually accurate. When I started running with my friends and they mapped out a time using MapMyRun I realised that not many of my runs were accurate as I would always be way over or under, sothen started to wonder what the point of using a Nike+ was if I had no idea if any of the stats were right!

By all means if you have a consistent stride go for it, but for me not being a consistent runner in terms of stride I decided I needed something more. It was then that I discovered the Garmin 405 cx – and boy was I tempted! I did a lot of research, looked at ratings and useability and ordered it!! I got it a week ago and am going to start using it next week. I’ll let you know how it goes!!

have a great day! Z

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