A run with the Foxes

My friends and I from our gym in Brisbane after doing a gruelling bootcamp decided that lugging tyres around was not enough and that we wanted to run together regularly and to enter the Gold Coast half marathon. I was going to do the full marathon but I didnt have the time to spend on the training like my last marathon so went for the half.

We call ourselves the Forest Lake Foxes 🙂 and had our own ‘club’ singlets designed and printed in hot pink which look great – (see inset left).

So a few weekdays a week and on Saturdays we haul our butts out of bed at unearthly times of the morning (4.30am usually!) and do training runs together. We’ve been chased by dogs on numerous occasions, fallen down and ripped our lovely training gear, got rained on – but we still keep smiling and still keep going!

It has been great and not only have I formed great friendships but I am much fitter than I probably would have been trying to train alone. I’ve lost 10kg and feel fantastic!

If you are reading this and run on your own, there are some great running clubs out there that you could join so you don’t have to run alone, or see if your gym has a running club or ask around and see if anyone needs a running partner. If you live in Australia check out this list of running clubs.

Whilst I like running on my own sometimes I perform much better when I have someone pushing me and motivating me like the wonderful girls I run with.


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  1. Are you still looking for people keen to run with your ladies. Im new at it and not good at distance but am keen.I live in Forest lake

    1. Hi Sally we are always looking for people to run with us, you have a few options! We have a group that runs a bit longer on a Sunday morning and then a group that also runs on Thursday mornings. Not so many at the moment as it’s cold! But we are always looking for people to run but it’s a bit small at the moment.

      All failing that there is also a larger group set up called the Flakers and they have a really good turn out on their weekend runs and do a run on sunday mornings and also a wednesday midweek run.

      If you’d like more info on either or to ask me anything else please email me at thegirlthatruns@gmail.com.


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