The Doomben 10k and not so great preparation

So today was the Doomben 10k.

Last night I raced around and got all my running gear together, sorted out my protein shake for the morning and tried to have an early night. One dog Polly decided she was going to keep my husband and I awake half the night yapping – she doesnt normally but no – she knew I had a race and decided she was more important!

So bleary eyed at 4.30am my husband and I got ready (glaring at the dog!) and staggered to the car. I forgot to eat properly so by the time I met the girls (see inset left) I was starving. Luckily for me my super organised friend Karen had a spare muesli bar which I gobbled down!

I reckon we must have been one of the first at the race course where the race starts but everything was very well organised.

I had a really bad stomach which wasn’t good so I wasn’t very relaxed before the start of the race but once the race started I plugged in my iPod, turned on my Garmin and away I went. I tried to hold back and not get carried away with the adrenalin rush and it paid off as I felt really relaxed and strong. My time was average (53ish minutes)but I enjoyed the race and felt good.

I guess I broke two of the pre race rules – getting a good nights sleep, and eating a good breakfast and I had cheesecake the night before, I wonder if that’s allowed! But all in all it was a good race and great to see all my running friends do really well and see that our race training is paying off. Onwards and upwards – next race is the Gold Coast Half Marathon on 4th July….More training tomorrow at 5.15am – a nice 8ishk run – great start to the week….

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