Great week of training comfortably

This week has been pretty busy but I have of course managed to fit in some training runs including a speed session on Monday after the Doomben 10k on the Sunday, then some 40 min runs throughout the week.

Had a bit of a disaster on Wednesday and woke to find that our cute lovely doggie had poo’ed all over the house in the night and unfortunately she had the runs so it looked like chocolate sauce was all over the house! (Trust me it didn’t smell like it!)

My reaction?

I grabbed my running kit and ran out of the house! Probably not the proudest moment of my life since I got back to find my wonderful husband mopping up and cleaning the floor – what a star and how terrible I ย felt…..hmmm maybe not that terrible but honey if you are reading this I felt truly awful…I did..honest!

I took today off work and ran for two hours with my running friend and it was great, no pressure to keep up or to run flat out, we just ran comfortably although managed to get lost! and we ended up scrapping the route and just running around Forest Lake for 2 hours, chatting and running and just being outside – my perfect run.

My school of thought and advice that has been given to me over the years from people that have been running all their life is that :

70-80% of training runs during the week should be comfortable and chatty i.e. you can comfortably chat to your running partner (or if on your own, what the hell – talk to yourself!)

and the other 20-30% of runs should be speed sessions and maybe hill sessions if training for something in particular where you generally haven’t got the breath to chat!

I prefer of course to run comfortably and chat but without those speed and hill sessions I probably wouldn’t have improved from where I started, so although i dislike them, It’s very much a love hate relationship!

Anyway I have to go but keep running just as I will!

Zoe – The girl that runs!

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