Speed sessions by the lake – keeping momentum

So this morning I forced myself to get out of my comfy bed as the alarm screeched at 4.45am. My husband as usual groaned and rolled over and went back to sleep whilst I crept around, fumbling in the dark to get ready.

Met the girls this morning at 5.20 ready to run at 5.30 and it was a nice speed session today – 15 minute run as fast as you can.

I dread speed sessions as they hurt! There’s no other way to describe if you are pushing yourself – even as you get better, you just get faster and push harder and it still hurts.

I have however come to see a real value in my speed sessions, as much as I dislike them as speed = strength.

The faster you can go over a shorter distance, the stronger you are for a longer run it’s as simple as that.

So I did my 15 minutes a little bit behind the three girls I was running with, but it was as I was running around the lake that I realised how alive running makes me feel. I am so much stronger than I was a year ago and speed sessions have definately helped.

So what advice do I have for someone just starting out in speed sessions?

Based on my experience of running and speed;

1. don’t push too hard too soon – if you haven’t done speed sessions start gradually – if using the treadmill for example and you are used to running at 9km an hour then try some interval training – say run to warm up at 9 and then do a 30 second sprint at 10 or 10.5. Then as you get stronger you can make the speed bit longer and the pace faster – you’ll see good results that way too.

2. just do one speed session a week – no more than that unless you are used to them

3. If you can’t keep up at the speed you have chosen then slow down a bit – improvements in speed will come over time

anyway I have to go but have a great day and keep running!

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