5 top tips to keep you motivated in your running

After writing my post below about my day of feeling unmotivated –  based on knowing what works for me here are 5 top tips to keep motivated in your running…

1. If bored with what you are doing i.e. the same runs – shake things up a bit; do some interval training inside or outside, or good old fartlek goes down a treat, or all failing that have a day off running and do a gym class or swim – you’re still exercising and it is something different – variation is a great motivator

2. Run with someone. I find that some days when I am not motivated but friends are they keep my momentum up and I usually end up having a great run and feeling great. If you dont have anyone to run with, why not see if your local gym has a running club or whether there is a general running club in your area

3Set yourself a goal – it might be to train for a race or to do a certain number of KM a week – you know what makes you tick – give it a go

4. Listen to some rockin’ music when running – I generally do when inside on the treadmill or running with a group of friends and wanting to zone out and push. I wouldn’t recommend running outside with your headphones on when on your own as it makes you more open to accidents – not hearing traffic or as a woman on her own I don’t do it to be safe.

5. Run for the first 5 minutes and chances are you will keep going!

and finally, if you can’t get out of bed like me this morning (see post below) because it is cold and dark – put on the heating and turn on the light !! I know…I should take my own advice.

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