A change of scenery

I was meant to get up at 4.45am this morning to do my hill speed sessions with my running buddies. The alarm went off and I just couldn’t get out of bed! It was cold and dark and this morning I just really felt like I didn’t want to run. So I rolled over and went back to sleep!

I get this every now and again, when the last thing I want to do is run!

But you are the girl that runs – I hear you say!

Yes I am but I find when I have been training hard or doing the same sort of running routes and training a lot I get plain old fed up and de motivated – it’s natural. If you have the same problems, don’t be down on yourself everybody has the same problem at some time or another. Today was that day for me.

So I sat and stewed at work, knowing that according to the schedule for my half marathon training I was meant to do this run and didn’t – the girls did it and I felt like I still needed to train.┬áSo I decided – you know what I need to do something different in the sense of not run outside for once but use that good old gym membership and get on the treadmill – for one it means I wouldn’t have to wrap up and two I convinced myself it would be easier.

I got home eagerly in order to get changed, race out and go to the gym and I had locked my keys inside and my husband was late home…so then my dilemma was do I still run or do I give it a miss…..thankfully I decided to go for it, raced to the gym, did my 15 hill sprints and came home and had a glass of wine to congratulate myself!!

Until next time. Keep on running!

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