Knowing when to stop

It’s four days until I am meant to be running the Gold Coast Half Marathon and I have been sick the last few days which is very frustrating, and unable to run.

The one thing I have always struggled with when being sick is knowing when to stop and rest. I think I am much better than I used to be at it now as many times I have gone out not feeling 100% and made myself feel ten times worse as a result. With running especially long distances training when sick is a no no, ¬†imagine, you didn’t know you had a serious virus and then pushed yourself really hard on your run, that could be a recipe for disaster.

A guy who used to coach me in the UK said to me the best way to tell if you were coming down with something was to take your heart rate at the same time every morning without fail, and then if you found that your heart rate was different one morning i.e. up by say 10 or something that you should take it easy as your heart rate might be up or down because you might be coming down with something. I am no doctor and nor was he but he knew his stuff when it came to running and sure enough I followed his advice and he would generally be right – the day after I would often come down with a cold.

An online personal training company in New York, USA has some recommendations about training when sick, they make sense to me. Check out the full article.

My rule of thumb when you get sick can be remembered through an easy acronym – RHW


Use the time to get some rest. If you are sick then you should be resting. If you can’t work then why should you think you are ok health wise to run??? Crazy!


I don’t need to be a doctor to say that when you are sick you need to drink plenty of fluids and hydrate.


Don’t be impatient and try and run early, see how you feel, go to the doctor if bad but don’t train before you are well!

So I am hopeful that I will feel better tomorrow so I can train one last time before my race….here’s hoping!

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