and the beat goes on….

I don’t know about you but music really motivates me when exercising.

I have found in some races that often music has been the only thing that has stopped me from full on giving up especially in marathons, and in the gym it’s the music that has helped me to hit that faster speed or run that extra kilometre on the treadmill. I only tend to listen to music when in the gym or in a race though as running at the times that I do – early in the morning or in the evening I like to know what’s going on around me and feel safer that way from moving vehicles and anything else that I may need to be aware of.

An article in MX newspaper today that I was reading on my home from work said that according to University of Southern Queensland psychology professor Peter Terry – listening to music whilst you train could actually make you train harder, better, faster and stronger. His findings went on to say that that elite athletes who listened to music whilst they ran had measurably lower oxygen requirements than those who did not and that music influences physiologically by regulating the heart rate and enhancing oxygen. Interesting stuff hey!

The research showed that elite athletes could run for an extra 1.5 minutes just by listening to their preferred music. One and a half minutes doesnt sound much I guess but at the paces that elite athletes run that is probably considerable.

So is at all about the tempo? I know for me I like a good beat and something that is pumping and pushes me along but I have friends who will listen to audio cds (as in spoken word) and classical music to motivate them so I guess it depends on the individual. That’s certainly what the article went on to say today too.

So on my iPod at the moment my top training tunes Β on my ‘running tunes’ playlist are:

  • Boys and Girls – Pixie Lott
  • I Like it like that – Guy Sebastian
  • Now you’re gone – Basshunter
  • Celebration (Benny Benassi mix) – Madonna
  • Fight for this love (club mix) – Cheryl Cole
  • Insomnia (monster mix) – Faithless
  • Someday – RezonanceQ – this is my race finisher song too πŸ™‚ I always like to have one that pushes me that extra mile/km to cross that finish line!

These are just some of the tunes that are motivating me at the moment. What motivates you? Do you listen to music when you run? Are you against it?

I’d love to hear from anyone that has an opinion…

Bye for now

4 thoughts on “and the beat goes on….

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  1. It’s cheesy classic music – stick the theme from Gladiator or Lord of the Rings on it all comes together. Cheesy but effective

    Also go a playlist alternating slow (Belle and Sebastian, Air, Sigur Ros) with quick (The Pixies, Buzzcocks) and just use that instead of timing my interval sessions.

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