Another Saturday, another long run…

Hope you are all having a good weekend. I’m having a rest today as yesterday I ran 18k.

I decided to run yesterday rather than today and on my own. I wasn’t sure how my trainers would be as I have been struggling with my orthotics for some reason, and I have been quite demotivated being always left behind by my running group due to the trainers or bad stomach or generally just being slower than everyone.

I actually wasn’t looking forward to running a long way on my own but then one of my friends from our running group said she was happy to run slower and she ran the distance with me. I am really pleased she ran with me as I probably wouldn’t have finished if she hadn’t been with me. It’s easy to give up on your own but with someone there next to you it’s not so easy as you feel you are letting them down. If you are in this situation, I wrote a post with some tips about how to start running and what to do if demotivated – check them out – they might help.

The run was slow compared to my normal shorter runs but it was great, we chatted all the way round about life, the world, the universe – you know those kind of conversations and it was great to be running comfortably at the same time and burning off some 12/1300 calories too. I don’t think I could have run any faster even if I wanted to.

So plans for next week…..

I hope to run a couple of times during the week and then another long run on the weekend but I might be brave and try the sunday run with the girls instead of running alone…It’s not long until the Townsville half marathon now – just a couple of weeks so the countdown begins……

Have a great Sunday!

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