Get down and get sweaty

So I work in an office full of guys, and earlier this week we got onto the subject of golf clubs and gyms. I used to work for a company in the UK that had me organise a golf day for the company each year. One particular year it was booked for the Little Aston Golf Club in the West Midlands and I couldn’t believe it but this club had separate male and female entrances. I told the guys how awful it was as a woman to feel you were not allowed to go through the main entrance, but instead had to go through a small side entrance.

Female only gyms vs. mixed gyms

We then moved onto the subject of female only gyms, and the guys said that they felt it wasn’t fair. I said to them that I actually prefer going to mixed gyms because it makes you work harder. I figure going to a female only gym makes you feel comfortable and perhaps relaxed and therefore not quite as determined and prepared to push myself.

I am sure there are those of you out there that disagree and I think it often depends on the gym you go to too.

I’ve been a member of gyms where the guys sound like they are about to self combust or have a serious constipation issue when they are lifting their weights….

And those that have the guys that see a woman on the treadmill and instantly race over next to them, look at what speed they are running and go faster in an attempt to be seen as a fit male…

I could go on….although women in gyms can be just as bad.

I’ve been in gyms where women are in the changing rooms applying full makeup before going out to wear it all off in the gym….

And those that go to the classes purely to check out the hot instructor and flock round him at the beginning and end of the class like a flock of seagulls…

Recognise any of these people?

My thinking is, I go to the gym to sweat and if I haven’t sweated like a complete pig – then I can’t have worked hard enough.

It makes me laugh the people that sit on the exercise bike whilst reading a magazine – if you have enough energy left to concentrate on reading your magazine then you aren’t working hard enough!!!

Sorry if I have offended anyone but that’s the way I see it.

To me, to exercise is to:

  • train to be fit
  • for fun (a certain amount of it)
  • to lose weight
  • and to generally improve your quality of living.

Who cares?

Who cares about the guy next to you trying to compete – chances are he will last 5 minutes and drop off, and who cares about the girl with her makeup now running down her face or the hottie instructor – sure he’s hot but he has worked damn hard to look that good – he should inspire you not distract you.

I love my mixed gym. The people are supportive and friendly. I am sure we have a number of people that fit into the groups I have described, but I make it my business not to notice. I’m there to train and to sweat.

Get in the gym or outside, be bold, be confident, enjoy it and keep going!

Got an opinion, disagree with me? Share it here…

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