Running is like drinking, you should drink at your own pace as it can end up disastrous if you try and do more….

So yesterday I got up ready for my 20k run. My stomach was not great but I decided to go for it and run anyway. It was great to finally meet a new runner in our group that found out about us through this blog and self publicity through our fabulous hot pink running vests at the recent Gold Coast Marathon !

It was our final 20k before my friend and I run the Townsville Half in a  couple of weeks. I felt really strong at the beginning of the run and really pushed it and ran with the ‘fast’ girls. I got to about 3k and felt my body just heave and my energy went.

I ended up dropping back and going at my normal pace but feeling pretty defeated not being able to keep up. I think however that running is like drinking alcohol – you shouldn’t try and drink with those people that are seasoned drinkers when you aren’t – and with running, you should stick at your own pace as, as with both you pay for it later…I did that’s for sure and had to really slow down.

I then had real problems with my orthotics again so I think it’s a trip to the podiatrist as it isn’t long until Townsville, and whilst I am not really intending to push it, it would be good to know I don’t end up having to stop.

I did something I haven’t done for ages and I put my headphones on to pull me round and I managed to run my 20k and felt good, so good that I decided to do a Zumba class afterwards, but that’s another story.

Once I settled into my pace and trotted along I enjoyed my run a lot more. I got slightly lost so decided to do my own thing and thanks to my fabulous Garmin I knew how far I was running so it really didn’t matter.

Anyway nothing really else to report today.

Have a great Sunday!

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