The week has ended on a good footing…

This week has been ok running wise. I did a couple of good speed sessions during the week at the gym as I am finding it hard to motivate myself to wrap up and run outside, although it is getting warmer!

It’s been good to plug into my iPod and run inside to some good pumping tunes – I probably have my music too loud so apologies if I annoyed anyone! My favourite tune this week is by Match Box Twenty called How far we’ve come – awesome!

Anyway I have still been struggling with my orthotics and finally decided to go and see a Poditrist, saw him today and I have a thickened achilles tendon thanks to my orthotics can you believe!!! So my fabulous orthotics that I paid hundreds of British pounds for have actually been causing the problem because after having several injuries my left foot hasnt been too happy and has changed my running style which in turn has altered my requirements orthotic wise – thus causing the pain!!

So – solution = trash the expensive orthotics, insert hill pad and keep running!! I go back in two weeks time and have to then look at some nice heat molded orthotics and potentially a nice trip to InTraining in Milton to look at nice trainers for the next time I need some and then I am all sorted 🙂

So as I say in my heading, the week has ended on a good footing as I now know what the problem is and it is fixable 🙂 I have an 18k run tomorrow and feeling much more positive about it – let’s hope there are no more problems….

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