Back to it!

Well I have had a week off running.

I thought it would be easy but it was hard.

My husband and I travelled to New South Wales to a lovely country town called Dubbo. We drove which took a good 9 hours of driving and I decided it would be a good time to hang up my trainers and to have a rest after the half marathon and relax. We went for a few small walks but it rained a lot which was hard as it didn’t really motivate us to get out and do things, it motivated me to sleep and do cross stitch – yes I know what you’re thinking….cross stitch! It’s actually something that really relaxes me 🙂

I found after a day or so that all I wanted to do though was to put my trainers on and go for a run.

I found myself thinking about where I could go for a run, how long I could run for and whether I could run without my husband (whom I had promised no running whilst away) knowing! I felt like I was contemplating an affair the way I was thinking about running, thinking about doing something behind my husbands back – slightly obsessive I have decided.

But I made it, I managed a whole 7 days of no running and have come home now raring to go. I have the Bridge to Brisbane as my next race – a fun run 10k with the girls which should be ok, not the place for any PBs though as 42,000 people run it.

I have a run with the girls planned tomorrow to break me back in, will write more soon.

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