Inspirational reading

Whenever I am suffering from demotivation or have a race coming up I rummage through my bookshelf knowing exactly what to do – I read one of the inspirational books about running and courageous sports people that I have and it helps me every time.

The biographies that I have read that have really inspired me are:

The Luxury of Time by Jane and Mike Tomlinson

Jane Tomlinson is such a huge inspiration. She was diagnosed with breast cancer at 26  and  was then given the all clear. She later on found out that the disease had spread and there was nothing more the doctors could do and rather than waiting to die she fought as hard as she could – running the London Marathon, the Great North Run, doing a 2500 mile bike trip to raise money for charity she carried on fighting right until she died in 2007.

The Greatest – The Haile Gebreselassie Story by Jim Denison

Haile Gebreselassie is my hero when it comes to running. He is the world record holder for many titles and races including the 10k and 5k but is a very humble man. His authorised biography tells the story of how he first started running as a child to get to and from school and how he realised that he wanted to run and pursued his ambitions as well as giving back to his country – Ethiopia.

It’s not about the bike – Lance Armstrong

This book is one of the best books I have read. It is courageous, inspiring and shows what Lance Armstrong went through when diagnosed with stage four testicular cancer in 1996. He had a 40% chance of surviving and not only went on to kick the ass off the cancer and won the Tour de France 16 months later and got the best ever time.

Have you read any other books that inspired you? I’d be interested to hear…

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