Finding your way…

I went for a run today with the girls and ended up running on my own for the last 11k following a map and directions that had been kindly out together by one of the girls – and I got lost!  I’m not too good with directions and around where I live is like a rabbit warren.Unfortunately I hadn’t entered my run into my Garmin 405 cx watch so I was really lost.

Have you ever had that problem?

Do you have an iPhone? 🙂

If so there are some awesome apps available now to save you from doing what I did which was try and keep running with no idea where I was going and ended up running over what I was meant to run!

I downloaded a couple of programs onto my iPhone which to be honest I have inly used a couple of times as I bought my Garmin GPS watch but for those of you interested I found two apps quite useful:

iMap my run – this GPS app enables you to map out your routes and runs and then if you get lost like I did you can physically look on your phone and see where you are and get back on track again!!

You can invite friends who are also on map my run and share workout information , see where you ran on Google Maps and if you are a social media freak like me you can have it all feed into an activity feed to let people know how well you trained 🙂

There is a free version and a paid version available.

Run Keeper – this app is awesome too – it basically a gps program that maps how far you have run in total when running. You switch it on when you start your run and if you want it will even speak to you on the way round telling you how far you’ve gone and tell you what pace you are running at.

At the end of the workout you can see on Google Maps where you have run and how far you have run. It will even give you your split times which is really helpful. The girls I run with used it one morning when we were training for our half marathon for our 1km speed sessions around the lake.

There is a free app and a paid for app and the paid for one has many bells and whistles such as music and more features.

Any others that you have used or find work?

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  1. Like you Zoe I have the Garmin 405 and I also run with an iphone.

    I’ve found the Garmin has the most accurate GPS and having the heart rate monitor and footpod is a great combination.

    I also have the iphone when I run for a) safety b) to listen to music and c) as a GPS device.

    I’ve tried all the various apps and I still come back to imapmyrun (or cycle – they are the same thing). The imapmy programs provide live updating to your friends/spouse who also have imapmyrun installed so they know exactly where you are (again safety) and recently imapmycycle support ANT+ attachements like the garmin uses. You just buy an adapter ( to plug into your iphone.

    This basically makes it into a Garmin GPS watch. Something I would try before spending $500 again on the Garmin.


    1. Hi Shaun I think the main thing for me with the Garmin is that it is a watch and easy to lift my wrist and see, whereas I cannot run with my iPhone unless I carry in my camelbak as it is too big and bulky. Thats good though for safety re the providing details to your spouse, I didn’t know that imapmyrun did that.

      I haven’t used nearly anywhere near all the functions that it has, think I have only just scratched the surface! imapmyrun and runkeeper are excellent though as you say for people that don’t want to spend loads of cash on the Garmin though.

      have a great week!

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