Run and Revs and too much heat

Have been feeling a bit under the weather lately but my friend wanted to run so it motivated me to get out of bed and to go. I then did a revs class afterwards so I am feeling somewhat tired now!

Run wise, we went later than normal (6.20am) and spring is definitely on its way here in Brisbane so I found the warmer heat hard today and had to rest a little bit and ended up doing 9.5k whilst my friend did 11.5k (an extra lap round the lake). Although I didn’t run as far we did a really good speed around the lake and I felt really good so all that speed work is starting to pay off 🙂

Coming from England the heat here in Brisbane really seems to get to me. I have found it hard since I moved here to adjust to the climate and where the girls I run with seem to find the heat ok I find it just makes me tired and lethargic so I think early morning runs are the order of the day or later at night at the gym.

Do you struggle with the heat?

One of the guys I used to train with in London always said to me when it gets warm, all bets are off – slow down, take on water and accept that you might not do as good a training session or race time as you had hoped to.

Easier said than done I know as everyone wants to push but I have had a number of occasions in the UK where I have ended up in accident and emergency on a stretcher because I didn’t take this advice, overheated and collapsed – one was very embarrassingly in Sainsbury’s supermarket and when I came to all I could hear was someone shrieking ‘can we have a first aider to aisle 2’ and whilst that was going on someone was trying to shove a mars bar down my throat!! A Mars bar of all things  – why not some lower calorie snack !! 🙂

Here’s a few extra links to websites that give advice on running in the heat that you might find useful: running in the heat tips for running in heat

Cool Running – beat the heat

Please feel free to share any words of wisdom that you have experienced with running in the heat.

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