Adidas VIP night = more running gear and meeting Michelle Bridges

I went along to an Adidas VIP night tonight in Brisbane CBD. Wasn’t too sure what to expect but figured that there was 30% off on Adidas gear and Michelle Bridges was attending so it was a win win situation.

Bought some great running gear.  Adidas‘ new range is pretty hot!

I was always a Nike girl in the UK but I find their running capri’s too hot for me here in Australia and Adidas‘ Climacool works better for me, so came away with two pair of capri’s (one was from Stella McCartney’s range 🙂 and a top – feeling happy.

Also got to chat to Michelle Bridges who is 110% fitness. She is so inspiring and encouraging the interview with her was very honest and again inspiring that I came away from the night wanting to go out and do more exercise! Although I think I’m doing enough at the moment!

Michelle runs a 12 week challenge program which I got to ask her about and whilst I have her Crunchtime books she said that this was more interactive and there was a forum where participants could chat to other people about the program, so I said I might look at trying it out next year after having a chance to chat to a few people at the event who are currently doing it.

We need more people promoting healthy living and exercise. I read that Australia has overtaken America as an obese population which is shocking. I guess when we live in a world of convenience, TV and computer games and gadgets children and adults are more motivated to put their feet up than get out and exercise.

Anyway I need to go and rest as I am up again at 5am tomorrow for more exercise! have a nice evening.

Bye for now

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