Week one of new challenge survived and exceeded expectations!

So I set myself the new challenge of doing P90x for 3 months and continuing to run. I managed the first week !  I took before  photos and will then take after photos at the end of November to see whether this crazy regime has actually worked. In saying that I went to the shops today and was able to buy a dress size smaller !!! I don’t credit that all to P90x considering this is only after the first week but it has certainly helped tighten everything up 🙂

It’s been a long week, up at 5am every morning training with two sessions on Thursday and Saturday making 8 training sessions in total.

P90x is hard but not as difficult as I expected it to be. I have a good level of fitness so some of it has been good and not too difficult and other bits of it have been hard because this is the first time I have concentrated on weights work so much.

So Monday was Chest & Back and then Ab Ripper X, this hurt because the first class was predominantly push ups and chin ups! The idea of hauling my own body weight up and down was not appealing and I couldn’t do it but using the tip of a chair helped but hurt like mad! Ab ripper X was hard but manageable as it was only for 16 minutes.

Tuesday was plyometrics which was hard. I felt it in my legs the next day but kept at it when doing it as it very good for runners. It consists of lots of jumping and high impact moves, some of which I did in my bootcamp last year and had hoped I would never have to repeat!

Wednesday was Shoulders & Arms and Ab Ripper X – this was slightly easier than Chest and back but still hurt!

Thursday was yoga and boy was in for a shock – who’d have thought that 90 minutes of yoga would kill me. I nearly gave up after 45 minutes but it calmed down a bit after then as some of the first moves are astanga and I had to sit some out – but managed to complete the 90 minutes. Was meant to run in the evening but went rock climbing instead and woke up the next morning not able to move too well!

Leg and back and ab ripper on Friday and then an early night…

Saturday I met up with my running buddy and we ran a good 13k early in the morning and then I came home and did my Kenpo X class which was a bit like a Body Combat class – quite enjoyed this class and probably found it one of the easiest.

Today I had a rest. Had the option of running, X stretch or rest. I chose the latter 🙂 I think I earned it.

Aiming to fit two runs in next week as considering I am a runner, I need to fit them in somehow.

5 thoughts on “Week one of new challenge survived and exceeded expectations!

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  1. Well done on starting p90X Zoe. I’ve looked at doing it but always get scared at wondering where I would find 60-90 mins free time every day that the program.

    Props to you – Shaun

    1. Hey thanks Shaun – It’s not so bad – I do at 5am and the only 90 day is Yoga X. The other days with Ab Ripper are 1hr 15 and the rest just under an hour so hard but do-able. I’ll keep you posted how it goes.

      Did you do the Redcliffe run today? Hope you went well.

      1. Redcliffe was nice and i managed to get my daughter to run with us. She had only done a 5k run prior but she managed to do a nice 10km at redcliffe.

        Ive even managed to convince her to come again this saturday with the foxes.


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