The hard work is finally starting to pay off

I’ve been training hard for the last year and finally the hard work seems to be paying off. Not sure if it is a coincidence that I have started P90x and am eating more protein (probably?) but I am finally feeling pretty fit.

I am on week 2 (Day 11) of P90x and have been fitting in runs as well. I went to the gym tonight and did a good hard fast run for 30 mins. Managed 6 k in 30 mins which is not bad for me – used to be able to run that a lot quicker but that was good for me on tired legs.

I’ve dropped a dress size, my arms are starting to look more toned than the bingo wings they were and my husband keeps smiling a lot and telling me how great I look. It’s a nice feeling.

I guess what I am saying is don’t give up as whatever your goal is it will come eventually. I used to feel a bit inferior with the girls that I run with as they are all way fitter than me and a lot smaller but I am learning to listen to my body and not judge myself next to others. I’ve run marathons and survived and they will always be my biggest achievements as I look back now and think ‘how did I find the time?’ and ‘how on earth did I manage them?’.

Too often we are unhappy with what we have and we always want more, but I am finally starting to realise actually I have come a long way, I have toned up, I am fit now and I don’t look so bad either :-). I couldn’t have got through this though without friends and the girls I run with – this year has been quite a journey for all of us I think.

So hey if I can do it, so can you!

My goals for this year are to complete P90x and to be fitter ready for the start of the race season. What are your goals?

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