Don’t worry be happy! My mission for today’s run …

I am on my second week of my P90x challenge and am managing to fit my runs in too which is good. I am finding the schedule easier to manage this week – doing exactly the same as I did last week and getting better at it 🙂

I went for a comfortable 11k run this morning and decided in order to amuse myself I was going to smile and say “good morning” to as many people as possible.

I used to run with a guy in my running club back in London who would do just that and we always used to laugh at people’s reactions – not just that two people who must be crazy to run (which seems to be what a lot of non-runners think!) are running along dressed in shorts in the cold but also that they dare to say “hello!”. Some people would mumble “hello” back and others would look startled and refuse to make eye contact or simply just ignore us.

This morning running around where I live in Forest Lake I was pleased at the response. Pretty much 90% of people that I smiled at and said “hello” to said “hello” back. I feel my objective was achieved!

After I got back from my run I did an hour Kenpo X class, wrapped Christmas presents ready for shipping to the UK (takes 3 months by sea!), met with a friend for coffee and had an eyebrow wax – all before 10.30am – so today has been very productive! Looking forward to a rest day tomorrow and back to it on Monday.

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