Toe nails come and go….

So today I lost a toe nail!

It’s a hazard of running, I’ve had it happen a few times, but it reminded me that running comes at a price. I’ve had chafing, blisters, sun burn, loss of toe nails, cuts and bruises (from falling over) – you name it.

What’s your running hindrance?

I remember running my first race and I ran in some trainers that I thought looked cool, they were brand new too, and I also ran in some old weather tshirt material cycling shorts – big mistake.

By the end of the race, my feet were hurting and I could feel the blisters and the material on the inner thigh on one side of my shorts had worn away from my thighs (which unfortunately rub together) and a huge blister on my inner thigh was gaping through. I remember the screams when I got in the shower after that race! The first thing I did after that was race to Nike Town and buy my first ever pair of proper running tights.

I remember after the London Marathon I ripped my crop bra top off and screamed as I realised I had two blisters right underneath my chest – ouch!

So now in order to reduce my running issues I am very rigid about what I wear – Adidas or Nike running gear and the occasional 2XU items of clothing – they are designed for runners and they do help make running more comfortable. I’ve had some of my Nike stuff for a good few years – it is very durable. Although running bras need to be changed regularly. Because of the humidity here in Australia, I find Adidas is better for me as their clothing is lighter.

Anyway, a couple of things I have found over the years


I don’t tend to get these much now as I wear good socks and change my trainers regularly (about every 3 months) but in the UK I used Compeed which was like a second skin and helped with blisters. I also make sure I buy my trainers from a shop that looks at my running style and helps me get the right trainer not just the most expensive one. Athletes Foot and the Inline Running shop (which I am trying next) in Milton are probably a good start.


I tend to wear tight fitting clothes that have soft seams as on numerous occasions I have run and ended up with horrid red raw chafing marks on my inner arms or legs (as unfortunately I am not blessed with thin thighs!). vaseline works a treat too. At a lot of the bigger marathons I have run they have had people at each KM/mile mark with tubs of vaseline for you to grab some and put it on. The number of men I have seen with bleeding nipples is unreal – vaseline will solve that problem too!


Heat has always been an issue for me, but moving to Queensland, Australia has multiplied how it affects me. So I tend to now run early in the morning or at the gym or at night and drink lots of water. I’ve done a couple of races here that have been on the warm side but have just slowed down. I wrote a previous post about heat and if it is something you struggle with check it out.

Injuries in general

When it comes to injuries I am generally a scaredy cat. If something niggles or hurts it is straight off to the physio for me. I was running with friends one day and rolled my ankle and decided to push on making matters ten times worse. I’ve learned my lesson and this year have been the physio a number of times, listened to what they said, done the exercises and have been ok.

Got any advice?  please share 🙂

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