My races

I was going through some stuff at home the other day and I came upon a box of medals that I have had from the races I have run.

It’s funny because it seems to be now that entering a fun run or general race means you get a medal  even if you don’t win. Don’t get me wrong I think it is a great incentive for running a race as I have been known to struggle round because I want that medal at the end. But I wonder how those elite athletes now feel knowing that even if they win they aren’t the only one that is going to get a medal…I guess that’s why prizes such as financial ones became more of a draw! (although I guess no one would turn down a financial incentive!).

Anyway I have my marathon medals framed as they are the ones that are the most significant to me. You’d have to bribe me now to do another full marathon I think, but I look at those medals and I remember the pain and the tears that flowed training for those races and the tears of joy when I crossed the finish lines each time. I can’t believe I did those races but I am very glad that I did because they made me mentally stronger – you have to be to get through the last 6.25 miles (10k).

So I’ve made a page on my site to show the races and times I have done. There are no super duper times but they are all times that I am proud of and mean something to me, and give me a reason to keep running and great memories.

If you had told me 10 years ago that I would be a runner, I would have choked on my doughnut! So I guess without sounding corny, running has been my life saver in a number of ways and it has introduced me to an awesome number of people with life experiences and advice that I will always cherish.

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  1. Wow – serious collection of races and some great time in there Zoe. Just reading the names of the races sounds very exciting. Love to see what the Robin Hood Half Marathon is like 🙂

    1. Hi Shaun yes when you put it down on paper it does seem a lot. A lot of trainers gone through that’s for sure! Half of which I still have sat in my wardrobe! Hope you had a good run today. Speak soon. Zoe

  2. I’m very proud of my ‘Race for Life’ medal. It took me more than an hour to walk 5km. There were a lot of other people to negotiate around as I started too close to the back. It wasn’t about time, it was about taking part, and raising money (more than I expected) for Cancer Research.
    I had planned to run 10 km this year but Ivan can’t be left for long so no training/running.

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