Training at home and alone is it effective?

If you have been reading my blog postings you’ll know that I am doing a fair amount of exercise at home at the moment as I am in the middle of the p90x program. It involves working through a number of different DVD’s on a weekly basis and is a complete change for me as normally I train with people or at the gym, or go to classes.

The home fitness video industry is a huge one. I tried to find some stats to validate my posting but Google couldn’t find me anything, but I do know it is higher than gym annual turnovers nation wide.

Many people find exercising in the comfort of their own home far preferable than bearing all at the gym. I have always been a skeptic as I need people around me to make me push harder and worried exercising at home might make me lazy!

My answer to all of this is to find the right work out and if you are a determined person like I am you will make it work for you. P90x is not your average exercise program and you have to extremely fit to start it in the first place but there are others out there for people that are fit.

My mum has a number of exercise DVDs and to be honest I haven’t seen them work for her. She hasn’t got the motivation and drive that I have so I would say she is one of those people that probably needs to go to the gym and have other people around her. Although she recently bought a Wii and plans to do Wii fit so we shall see.

Best workout dvd’s and programs that I have tried or come across on the market:

1. P90x

Of course I will say this is the best dvd series I have done because I am right in the middle of it now – but hands on heart it is really good and different to a lot of the others on the market. With this one you get 12 dvds and you follow a program each week – so one week you might be doing 6 of the dvds and then it goes to the next phase and you are doing different things, so it keeps it all varied which is exactly what I need.

It is hard work, that’s all I can say but I am doing a lot of push ups and pull ups (assisted – as I am quite a wimp!) and plyometrics which has seriously helped my running – I am running faster than I have in years. I haven’t lost much weight but I have lost inches and gained a mountain of confidence. see for more info.

2. Biggest loser Wii game

I bought this after trying some of the other Wii fitness games such as Wii Fit, Your personal trainer and so on as I needed to be pushed. The Wii fitness games are good if your fitness is mediocre but if you are used to smashing your workouts and really sweating they aren’t too great. The Biggest loser workout however was different. I did all the set up and did my first workout and it was for 70 minutes! I puffed and panted through – I think I had it on the highest level but it was a really good workout. I stuck it for a few weeks and then got a bit bored, but it is one to try if you want a Wii workout with an edge.

3. Gillian Michaels 30 day shred dvd

I actually did this at my friends place yesterday. I stayed at her place overnight and I was craving exercise so she said she had a DVD she thought I would find challenging. I was a bit skeptical to begin with but it was a good solid challenging dvd. Basically there are three levels and you do 20 mins of intense working out of the whole body, some exercises with weights and some full on ab work – I was sweaty by the end and would heartily recommend it to anyone that wants to ad some circuits to their workout but can’t get to a gym. You could do the dvd twice and do two circuits and I think it would seriously shape you up alongside some cardio work too.

Any others you can recommend? Not everyone can get to the gym so DVDs are a great way to get fitter!

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  1. Every time I read one of your tweets I vow to start working out indoors, I can’t leave Ivan for long and my limited free time is spent out and about. I forget about it immediately after I close your page! I did so well last year with Rosemary Conley and am almost back to where I started from. We have so little space in our flat that I’d probably break something if I got too energetic, and I feel so ridiculous prancing about on my own in front of the tv. I’ve always preferred to exercise in company, gym or class, there’s always someone older, fatter or less able than me, and I can keep going longer with an ‘audience’!

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