I’m back and feeling good.

The last week has been hard.

At first I felt unwell and then I have had some things going on and have struggled with motivation to get out of bed to train and basically took a week off. I didn’t see the point pushing myself to exercise when I really just didn’t feel like it so I rested and it has been great.

I got back on track on Thursday when I went to the gym to do my treadmill training and my speed sessions went well and I managed to get up to 16.5km ph on the treadmill – edging to that target of 20.00 on the treadmill. Please note though that I only managed to keep that pace for approx 30 seconds but it was a real achievement for me.

So today I ran with two of my friends at 6am and I did 10.5k which I felt pleased with, then later on in the morning my friend who wants to get into running came over and we took my dog out for a run and walk – both dog and friend did well 🙂 so I did approx 16.5k today which I feel good about – back on track. Probably going to run with the girls tomorrow morning as my husband is out so this weekend will have been a good weekend of running.

And as Nina Simone sings “….and I’m feeling good.”

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