Running the 2010 Cool Night Classic

So the rain stayed away and I got to run my race. I was actually really nervous before walking down from work to the river – I guess it’s because I hadn’t trained for the race – even though it was only a 5k I like to always feel prepared.

I turned up and was waiting for my friend and her husband so got to take a good look around me. The people there looked reasonably fit. I recognised the winner of the Doomben 10k Claire Geraghty – I figured she would win for sure (and she did! – well done!) .

I felt a bit uncomfortable waiting for my friend with people almost sizing one another up – trying to work out if the person they were looking at was faster than them or not – so it was more like a gym than a club runner race to me.

My friend arrived and we tried to get in a reasonable spot to start- that’s where I often understand what cows and sheep go through when they are herded into pens as you have people pushing and shoving a fair bit and my Garmin bevel kept getting knocked so I was anxious the race would start and I wouldn’t be prepared.

The race started and it was unlike any race I had done before – there was no nice runners etiquette – my friend and I literally got elbowed and shoved – so I decided to dart forward to get through the surge – sink or swim so got through the first kilometre in 4.09mins!

The thing with short races is you literally have to start as you mean to go on. So I got my head down and pushed on. Personally I am not sure that the river pathway was wide enough for as many runners as there were and it bottlenecked a lot but on the whole it was a nice flatish run.

I got elbowed and pushed a lot during the race and had to resist the urge to push back but I was reasonably happy with my time. According to my Garmin it was 5.11km and I did it in just under 26 mins. The official results according to the chip time was Official time – race – 26.10 – 15th in my division of 35-39 yr and 85th woman- 594th out of 2,349 ppl (the last fig doesnt sound so great!). I’ve done faster but am happy with the time – I must have been trigger happy with my Garmin!

My friend Maria came in a bit battered – she got pushed into a bush when running the race!!!!! I cannot believe that runners could be so rude – they should be ashamed of themselves !!

I don’t think I will be doing this race next year but it was certainly an experience and good to say that I have done it.

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