Back on the horse…

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks with trying to finish college work (i graduate from a graphic design course in a couple of weeks!), and also finishing a job I resigned from a while ago. I have been really distracted and demotivated to train which has been a real pain as I was running better than ever and thanks to not pushing the last few weeks I have a bit of ground to make back up. I also stopped doing P90x for a while and realise now that it really seriously helped me improve my running and in stopping that I lost a a bit of fitness too.

So now I am near to completion of my course and without a job so no excuses now to get my butt back into  tip top shape. I am the kind of person that needs things to aim for so up until Christmas it is just to really get in shape again and then next year I need to think about what races I am going to go for. Do I stay short and improve my 5k time or go long again and do a few half marathons and 10ks? or do I do both 🙂 ! I am swaying towards really going for it and I am hoping that my running buddies plan to do a few races too then it will help me stick to my goals.

So the next months plan is to do a couple of runs a week, also toning and at least one session of core a week. I like the P90x arms and leg work outs so will probably keep them along with some runs and a couple of cardio classes at the gym and see how I go.

More to come ..


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