A week of no commitment

The last week has been hit and miss where training is concerned. I also graduated from a course that I did which didn’t help as we went out at night and being out and having a late night (and alcohol) messed up my routine – that’s my excuse anyway!

I find sometime that if I am not in a set routine for exercise then I struggle and it is also very easy to skip a session. I also find that if I have nothing to train for then it is also very easy to lapse and fall into the old ‘what’s the point – there’s no need right now’ routine. Maybe it’s just me but I doubt it.

So this month before Christmas I have set myself the challenge of deciding on a number of races that I will take part in next year and also to come up with a proper training schedule, and to decide whether to go back to the P90x which produced excellent results for me. One of the girls at the gym has an awesome training schedule that she distributed around and I was amazed to see how dedicated she is in her training. I would put money on that she sticks to 90-95% of it too – true inspiration. Something I would like to achieve one day.

I haven’t done too much running lately – a few sprints here and there on the treadmill but can’t seem to make myself run the longer distances, so that’s another goal in itself. So I have a few hurdles to overcome – but thinking glass half full I am sure I will get there.


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