Too darn hot!

This morning I dragged my heels a bit about my run – do I go to the gym and do a speed session or do I get my long run out of the way as I might not be around at the weekend. Well after I had pondered on this for a while, rolled over and snoozed and pondered some more it was 8.30, and by the time I was ready it was almost 9am – I looked out of the window and though hmm it looks a bit overcast I’ll put my warmer crop pants on and I grabbed my Garmin and a bottle of water as hadn’t had anything to drink and set off..

First thing I noticed was it was WARM. I am used to running at say 6/7am at the latest so a couple of hours later was really noticeable and by the time I got about 3.5k in I had to stop and walk, all my water was gone and I was hurting. I actually walked for about half a kilometre as I was feeling a bit sick and I said a few affirmations to myself and set off again, my pace slowing and just being grateful to finish. I even nipped into the gym to fill up my water bottle – very glad I took it as I wasn’t even going to as normally for 10kish runs I don’t need water but I am beginning to discover that in Australia my body needs a lot of things it didn’t when running in the UK.

I think this mornings disastrous run was a combination of not having drunk any water before my run, being too hot and running too late – you would think I’d have learned all of this by now….

Oh well, onwards and upwards….


2 thoughts on “Too darn hot!

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  1. Gotta keep hydrated Zoe. I might look like a complete idiot with my Fuel Belt but I’d rather that than fainting from de-hydration…

    I’m going out later this arvo for a 9k run so hopefully its still not too hot then.

  2. Hi Shaun yes I know I should know better 🙂 I unfortunately can’t run with anything round my waist as I have a sensitive stomach…I usually carry a water bottle or take my camel bak but I was in a rush yesterday and paid the price!!

    Hope your run went well yesterday – looks like another scorcher of a day so I will be on the treadmill today 🙂

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