2011 race planning begins

I mentioned in one of my previous posts that I needed some objectives and races to enter to motivate myself well I have a plan and it’s looking good.

My goal for the early end of 2011 is to run a 10k race but to run it well and improve on my PB which was 51 mins a long time ago and 54 mins this year. I decided that I would not do any more full marathons and would most probably leave the half marathons for next year although I might be tempted to go back to Townsville again as that was a great half. My husband isn’t a runner so I tend to not do too many long distance races anymore as he doesn’t quite understand the work needed to go into the training!

I contacted my friend in the UK who is an international athlete and knows his stuff when it comes to running and asked him if he could help me remotely to achieve my goal. He has been awesome and is going to do me a 4 week schedule which I have to stick to and he expects good reasons if I don’t! I’m a bit scared but it is exactly what I need – a reason to run. I find after a while if you don’t have a goal then running can become a little bit boring so I am really excited and looking forward to 2011.

So far I have entered the International Women’s Day 5k on 6th March in Brisbane and am planning on doing the Brisbane Road Runners 5k on the 27th February. My goal is then to do the Brisbane Road Runners (BRRC) 10k in March or April and take it from there. I figure the BRRC will be a good run as there will be a small number of runners and club runners too :-).

Not sure after then but that’s my plan so far. I’ll keep you posted. Do feel free to share if you have any goals you want to achieve or even know of any good races that are coming up next year that you have enjoyed.

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