Need a running training plan/schedule to work to for 2011? Look no further…

I start my new schedule tomorrow which I intend to get me a PB for a 5k and 10k this year. It’s tough but I am determined that I will achieve it.

I found when I first started running that I really needed guidance of where to start and how to know I was really improving. One of the ways you can do that whether you have a goal in mind or not is to follow a distance training schedule. Whether it is 5k or a full marathon that you would like to aim for, there are a plethora of training schedules out there. I thought I would list some below which might be of use if you need guidance.


Cool Running website gives a decent 5k training schedule for beginners

Trusted Runners World have a great article and training schedules for all levels for 5k


Runners World again gives solid advice and schedules for 10ks for all levels

If you prefer something different I found a website by Jeff Galloway which gives a training schedule for 5 and 10k also.

Half Marathon

Feeling like you want to step up this year to do a half marathon? Try these schedules or all failing that follow the Gold Coast Marathon one which is an extended training program starting in February right through to the event in July. I did it last year. It’s a bit long winded as it goes for so long but if it’s your first time  or if you like structure, it might be just what you need.

Runners World do a great half marathon schedule and have them available for all levels. I used to refer to them often in my training and Runners World was set up by runners so they should know what they are talking about!

I found a schedule for two levels by Endurance Training website and they have a handy PDF you can download.

Full Marathon

I’ve run four full marathons in my running time and the key if you have never done one and are thinking about it is preparation and training. Training schedules for a full marathon I would say in my experience are really really useful. I always remember being lined up for the London Marathon, my first marathon and I had covered numerous training runs of 20 miles in my training and felt quite nervous but ready – and there was a girl stood next to me in the line up and we got chatting. I asked her how her training had gone and she was very timid and admitted she had only got up to a 10 mile training run and I thought ‘man’ you are either really fit or are going to really suffer.

Training for 42k (26.2 miles) is crucial.

Runners World again I reckon set the precedent for training schedules in this area. I haven’t recommended any others as I don’t think you can go too wring with their schedule and they give three levels again.

Full marathon plus – sorry you’re on your own! At this stage I reckon you know what you are doing! My South African friend runs the Comrades ultra marathon each year which is 84k and she does full marathons as her training!  I can’t even comprehend running this far but I know there are some of you out there…..enjoy!

All failing this, if you cannot find a decent training schedule to help you in your training then why not use one of the many online personal trainers that will devise one for you. I mentioned I have a friend in the UK who happens to be an international athlete who also does personal training and coaching online at a very reasonable price – there’s another option.

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