Running out of steam

What a few weeks it has been. Besides the nightmare of the floods in Queensland which thankfully I was not affected, I started a new job and failed my driving test. Why am I talking about that on a running blog you may ask…… because my job is 5.5k up the road and not being able to drive and a lack of public transport around there means I am running home from work everyday as well as trying to do my new training program.

So on average a  day at the moment I am running at least 12k and I am tired.

The run home from work is pretty solid. It starts up hill and then undulates all the way home, and we have had a hot few days so it has been hard and i’ve had to walk a bit. I do however feel stronger in my speed sessions and I think it’s a mixture of the speed sessions working and the constant running. I have found the last few times running with my buddies that I have struggled but I think I am just tired and running out of steam as I am training a lot. I reckon I am doing a good 70k+ a week which equals that of what I used to do when I ran a lot further.

I’d normally say to people running on empty that they should rest but I can’t really with the run home. I guess I could stop some of the morning sessions but I need to do them, speed is my key! So I’m going to stop  moaning now and next time I write I promise it will be more constructive 🙂

Good night for now.



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  1. Hi Zoe, I’m sorry you failed your test; I hope it wasn’t a complete disaster and that you get back to it very soon. Have you thought about cycling to work? It’s a different type of exercise and might not make your running muscles so tired! xxx

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