My new trainers arrived – a quarter of the cost of buying at Athletes Foot!

So today I am very very happy. I arrived home and my new trainers have arrived. I got two pairs of my usual Mizuno trainer for $90 USD! I normally pay $160 for one pair and I got two for half the normal price of one pair – bargain.

my new trainers from
my new trainers from

The strange thing is as well I got them from – I mean I have used them before for CDs, books and DVDs but who’d have thought I’d be ordering my trainers from there! Once you know your size though I thoroughly recommend searching for them online and I’d be very surprised if you cannot get them much cheaper!!! I know that shops have overheads but man it makes you realise how much trainers must cost to make if you can buy a pair for $35 that retail for $160 – and I am sure Amazon must be making a profit too….

I got my Garmin $60 cheaper online, so I always think it’s worth having a look to see what’s out there. Makes it easier too to justify to my husband – “honey it was only XX and was reduced – so I got a bargain!” works everytime – (honey if you’re reading this – only joking……kind of).

So I am chilling this week a bit as I have my first race of the year – the RACQ International Womens Day 5k. I was going to do a Brisbane Road Runners one last week but figured two within two weeks was too much so I will see how this one goes. The only other one I have booked this year so far is the Mothers Day 8k which I am gearing up for.

Will keep you posted how Sunday goes. I am running with my awesome friend who also happens to not have an ounce of fat on her and I reckon will kick my butt – but it’s all in the name of a charity which can only be a good thing.

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