Running makes me happy……

I remember being in Lorna Jane and seeing a vest entitled ‘Running Makes me Happy’ – I loved it so much I bought one for me and sent one to my running friend who at the time was serving in the Army in Iraq and she like me loved it!

Running makes me feel alive and energized – it literally makes you feel happy as the body produces more serotonin to the brain which in turn makes us happy.

This morning and on many mornings before I run I don’t feel happy – why would I getting up at 4.50am to drag on my clothes and haul my butt to the gym to get there to get on a treadmill and run like a hamster on a wheel to feel happy!  Although to be fair, once I have done my run I feel awesome but woe betide anyone who gets to me before I’ve done it – like my poor friend Karen.

Karen is awesome – she is the happiest person I know. I used to wonder what drug it was she was taking to make her that way but she is a naturally glass half full person and incredible to be around. Weeellllll – poor Karen this morning bounces up to me at the gym at 5.25 am after I had just staggered in and was her usual happy self only to get my grump pre run grunt! (Sorry Karen!). I staggered to the treadmill and once I had done a few speed intervals I was as happy as she was (well not quite…but anyway!). Maybe I should be running to the gym so by the time I come into contact with anyone I am already awake and happy…..But we all have our ‘thing’ that lights up our day, and other than my husband and my dog – running is my thing. It makes me feel like it was worth getting out of bed and a real sense of achievement.

Oh and Karen….I promise to be happier tomorrow – I might even smile before I get on the treadmill.

Bye for now…speaking of grumpy – I need to wake my husband up now! 🙂

Further reading

Article from the Daily Telegraph talking about exercise and serotonin

2 thoughts on “Running makes me happy……

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  1. Zoe, so blessed to have you in my life. You will always get
    a hug from me at 5.30am in the morning whether you like it or not!!

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