Today was the RACQ International Women’s Day 5k race….

Well after yesterday and not feeling well I woke up this morning still not feeling 100%. On a normal training day I probably would have skipped the session and stayed in bed but my friend was coming over to travel to the race so I decided to suck it up and still do the race, afterall it was only a 5k! Although in hindsight shorter races tend to take it out of you more because you run that much harder.

So my poor husband played chauffer at 5.30 am and drove us both to Southbank for the race and he then turned photographer to snap some shots of my friend Nadia and I.

All smiles before the race with my wonderful and awesome runner friend Nadia!

We turned up to to a vast array of pink like there always are at women only races and everyone checking one another out clearly trying to see who was going to be quick and who wasn’t – makes me laugh as they great thing about running is it’s never who you think. Running isn’t about size it’s about endurance and stamina and you don’t need to be skinny for that although it does help.

Anyway after doing the usual queue for the toilet, a warm up and lining up the start was a bit confusing and people started running when we were only walking up to the start line – and the race started!

I think considering I wasn’t feeling so well I ran off too quickly and I went through the first km in under 4min 30 and the second one pretty quickly too. I found the course actually quite hilly and with the late start (7am) and the sun coming up I suddenly felt  hot and exhausted and my chest felt tight at 3k and I started to struggle and hurt. I glanced down at my Garmin and was determined to keep going and so I pushed – big mistake as I then had to walk for a minute or so a few times.

The other runners were really supportive and encouraged me to keep going, which I did and I sucked it up and crossed the finish line in 25 mins 06 but I reckon if I had been feeling better and didnt have to walk i’d have shaved at least a couple of minutes off my time but I was happy with that for the first run of the season. My friend Nadia did 22.02 which was awesome and someone else we know did 20 mins so I have room for improvement!

I got home and slept for 4 hours and feel pretty rough now, so I know in hindsight I should not have run today but I am glad I did – although had it been longer than 5k I wouldn’t have and I don’t encourage anyone not feeling well to be stupid like I was!

So I’m having a few days off to get well and then it’s back to it – contemplating a 10k next month or might try another 5k to improve on time and then its the Mothers Day 8k in May and possibly the Park to Park in July. We shall see….

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