A week of no running arghhhh

It’s been a hard week this week as after running the International Women’s Day 5k last Sunday I think I pushed too hard and the next morning when I woke up my back was in agony and I couldn’t sit, stand, bend or do anything for too long. My husband shook his head in disapproval as if to say – ‘i told you not to run!’ and I said nothing. I got my heat pack out and sat with it strapped to me at work and got funny looks from the guys at work, and then the deep heat went on at night and I did my physio exercises from last time. A lot of people said I shouldn’t use a heat pack and should have gone for an ice pack which is probably true but hey it’s Saturday now and I am almost good again now.

Whenever I have injuries now I panic – I wonder if this is it – is this the injury that will be the one to bench me from running. Running is unfortunately not the best in terms of being good for the joints but for me changing my trainers regularly, stopping when I feel niggles and pain as well as having some no run weeks – maybe a couple a year has so far kept me out of being benched.

It’s been an awful week though not being able to run. I’m not an addict per se but not being able to train (I couldn’t even do abs or arm work) was hard and I started to feel like a bit of a slob. My husband has enjoyed not being woken up at 4.45am but the bad news for him and the good news for me is that come Monday I am intending to go back to the gym and try a steady run on the treadmill to start my training again 🙂

The things I have learned from running and injuries are:

  • Not to push through a suspected injury – I did that once with a twisted ankle and paid the price in physio and not being able to train for a few weeks – STOP and get it checked out
  • Rest rest and more rest – It’s a killer but resting and giving the body a chance to recover does work 🙂
  • RICE – good old rest, ice compression and elevation  for an injury




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