Lacking motivation at the gym – add a friend

I have been training all week and today was no exception but I was exhausted. My legs ached, I didn’t want to get out of bed but I thought – right I will go to the gym as there will be someone I know there who will motivate me! I arrived at 5.15am and no one was there!

About 15 minutes later my friend arrived and got onto the treadmill next to me and suddenly I felt a wave of motivation and company and pushed on. I was meant to do 7k but only managed 6k but I reckon if my friend hadn’t been there I would have stopped at 2k!

Sometimes you need your friends to give you a push and to keep you going, and I am really lucky to have friends around me that do just that. I wrote a previous post for some ideas of how you might be able to stay motivated but friends for me are the key. I like training alone a lot of the time but it’s good to know they are around and you can then support one another.

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