Thinking about running your first marathon?

Did a good 6k run this morning which I was pleased with since I did some sprints at the gym last night. I have been craving running company so ran with the girls who were doing 8.5k. I didn’t want to go the full distance as I am still having a few problems with my achilles and stomach at the moment so I was pleased that I felt good this morning.

Anyway, I am still reading Dean Karnazes book – 50 Marathons 50 Days – the guy is truly amazing and inspiring.  I was reading his book today and he wrote a really poignant piece describing running a marathon that made me remember my marathon running days and just generally being inspired to run races.

For anyone who hasn’t run a marathon before and wonders what it’s like he hit the nail on the head – I’ve put an extract below – want to read the rest buy the book! I just felt like sharing this with anyone that’s reading this to encourage you in your running and also if thinking about running a full marathon to go for it – it hurts like hell but it’s worth it!


” I would encourage everyone to run at least one marathon simply for its powerful effects on the mind and spirit. After all, don’t we spend enough of our lives doubting ourselves, thinking we’re not good enough, not strong enough, not made of the right stuff? The marathon gives you an opportunity to tackle these doubts head -on. It has a way of deconstructing your very essence, stripping away all your protective barriers and exposing your inner soul.

“So you train hard. You dedicate yourself wholeheartedly, you sacrifice and you overcome countless smaller challenges along the way. You pour everything you’ve got into it. “

…(talking about the race psychology) Your sore and weary muscles beg you to stop. You must stop. But you don’t stop. This time you ignore the voice of doubt…..this burning desire tells you to keep moving forward, to continue putting one foot boldly in front of the other and somewhere you find the will to do so.”

“Today you discover the will to keep trying, to not give up, no matter how dire things become. And dire they do become. At the twenty five mile mark, you can barely see the course any longer – your vision falters as your mind teeters on the edge of consciousness. And then suddenly, the finish line looms before you like a dream. A lump builds in your throat as you cover those final few steps. Now you are finally able to answer back to that nagging voice with a resounding – oh yes I can!

You burst across the finish line filled with pride……you have learned more about yourself in the last 26.2 miles than on any other single day in your life. Even if you can’t walk afterward, you have never been so free. A marathon finish is more than just something you earn; a marathon finisher is someone you become….you have done what few will ever do – what you thought you could never do – and it is the most glorious,  unforgettable awakening. You are a marathoner, and you will wear this distinction not on your lapel but in your heart for the rest of your life.”

Extract taken from 50 Marathons 50 Days by Dean Karnazes

Awesome is what I say. He hits the nail on the head. Many people run but very few of them run marathons and I remember how proud I was and how proud my friends and family were when I did my first marathon. It was hard work but worth every chafe and blister I got ( I know better now re blisters and chafing!)….

It’s not something to be taken lightly, I mean if you can run a half marathon it doesn’t mean you can automatically run a full one and doesn’t mean that your time will be double whatever your half marathon time was – mental is twice as hard as the physical I found and it was a battle all the way to the end but when I saw the finish line I sprinted and when I got handed my medal I cried and wore it all day! I didn’t want to take it off, I wanted the whole world to know what I had achieved.

Running a marathon is truly a life changing moment and it becomes addictive, but that’s another story!

6 thoughts on “Thinking about running your first marathon?

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    1. Thanks Roger – I always remember the London when you did your awesome time! Look forward to reading your write up and I’ll link back to yours when you publish too.

  1. After reading Dean’s book I decided that I’m doing the full Gold Coast Marathon next year.

    1. Cool. I would make sure you have lots of rest after the half this year before embarking on it, make sure your head is in the right place and that your family are behind you as that counts for a lot as you have to put a lot of training in and discipline around sleep and food!

  2. I have put myself through that final 10k of a marathon 3 times now, each time telling myself, I will never do this again! and for some odd reason, I keep doing it again…

    1. I hear you 🙂 I have always forgotten the pain of each marathon until about 22 miles in, vowed never to do it again and then found myself at the start line again!

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