Exhilarating day and not an ounce of running done!

I have to confess, I slept in this morning!

I did however do a hard sprint session last night – I didn’t feel like I did very well though.

You know when you have those training sessions and you just don’t seem to have gotten anywhere and you’ve stopped and started and you wonder whether it was worth doing to begin with? well yes it was one of those! My wonderful friend was also right next to me on the treadmill which didn’t help as all I wanted to do was chat to her and found excuses not to run too hard! But I did a few good speed intervals – it was a hard one last night – thanks Roger!

So yes today I slept in. I haven’t stopped at work today – it’s been crazy racing around as I am launching a new website for them – so I’ve had a productive and exhilarating day but haven’t done an ounce of exercise !

I’ll make up for it tomorrow though as I’m running 10k and going to BodyPump 🙂

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