Uphill struggle this week

I am struggling this week. I felt like I was flying high the last month or so and now I am  flying low.

I got on the treadmill this morning and found it realy hard to motivate myself to do my sprint work I had planned for the morning. I cranked up my music and pushed but I felt like something was missing, I didn’t have the zest and enthusiasm for it all this morning and yesterday I couldn’t get out of bed – I was too tired – so going to take it easy in case I am coming down with something.

It’s really hard from a motivation point of view when you are running well and then suddenly energy levels lower and you can’t even run at 12 km ph easily when you’ve been used to sprinting at least 2 km ph faster. I am putting it down to a lot of training, a couple of late nights and not enough water.

I wrote a previous post about motivation so I guess I should take my own advice for once!


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  1. Hi, I just stumbled across your blog when I was looking up running things on the internet (one of my favourite past times). I have read back through it all and have found it really helpful and enjoyable. I love reading blogs and am always looking for great running ones! The biggest suprise is that I also live in Forest Lake and love running. Though it sounds like you do early mornings and I love my sleep too much 🙂 I plan on being a regular reader now and hope to find extra running motivation. Nic

    1. Hi Nicole – welcome fellow Forest Laker! There’s a group of us that run generally in the early hours of the mornings – gets it out of the way. We’ve collated a great list of runs around Forest Lake so if you ever need any good routes let me know!

      I’m really pleased that you find my ramblings interesting 🙂 there’s so much that goes into running and so many stories to tell that’s why I decided to start this blog!

      If you ever decide you are a morning person come and hang out with the Forest Lake Foxes!


      1. Thanks Zoe, I forgot to say in regards to your struggle with your run this morning I always tell myself the runs that you feel the worst for and struggle through are the ones you get the most gain from. Just a little trick I use to stay positive with my training when it is not feeling that great!

  2. Hi Zoe! Sounds like you are having the same week as me! It’s a good thing you know it will get better and you will be back on track soon!
    Keep up your hard work!
    Vicki x

  3. Thanks so much guys for your encouragement 🙂 It is needed, going to do a steady week of exercise next week to rest up and then push back ready for the Mothers Day 8k coming up. Have a great day Zoe x

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