I’m definitely not an ultra runner!

I’m sat at home watching a documentary about three guys who challenged themselves to run across the whole of the Sahara. It’s inspiring but hasn’t inspired me to want to do the same! 7000 km + is a long way to run for 12 hours at a time in 140 degree ground temperature and eating camel for food!

It makes you realise  though just what we are potentially capable of if we put our minds to it. I’m finding myself slightly addicted to watching and reading extreme running books and dvds at the moment to get some motivation for my comparably short runs.

I’ve had a pretty bad week as you will know if you read my previous post, and next week I intend to have a recovery week and then I think I’ll be  ready to do last minute training for the Mothers Day 8k. I feel like someone has just got all my energy and taken it and given it to someone else.  I seem to have this a couple of times a year and then usually bounce back – it’s like my body decides it needs a full on rest and breaks down until it gets it – so I listen to it now, I never used to and would push on through.

I think a rest is in order for tomorrow morning and then it is rock climbing tomorrow night and a 10kish run on Saturday.

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