It’s London Marathon time!

Tomorrow is the London Marathon and I always get nostalgic and a little bit homesick thinking back to when I ran it as my first marathon back in 2003.

I only did the London Marathon once but after I had done mine I went to the event each year to cheer on other people that I knew running the race. Knowing what they had to go through in the training as well as the race I remembered all the people that cheered me on and felt I should give some cheers back!

I remember one devastating (for me) year when I was stood at the 25.5 mile mark cheering on one of the Belgrave Harriers (my old running club) runners only to realise when it was too late that she was overtaken by Haile Gebreselassie – my hero – and I had been stood waiting to take a photo of him in the rain only to be concentrating so hard on the Belgravian that I missed my photo opp. I was inconsolable afterwards!

I always love the lead up to big races – I remember walking in to pick up my race pack in London and the official Marathon theme was playing – I was so excited about the race. The race expo’s are always a final boost and you can always get goodies there.

So tomorrow I will be tuning in to watch the highlights online to again watch the Marathon. I am a bit jealous I am not doing it myself but I know I will come to my senses at some point!

Oh also..

My personal trainer friend in the UK who is also remotely training me has one of his clients attempting a world record in tomorrow’s event – carrying a 40lb backpack around the whole 26.25 miles! You can read a bit more about it as well as his London Marathon experience in hisย latest blog post.

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  1. Hey there Zoe, I watched the Marathon on Foxtel last night.The course looked beautiful and the crowds lining the streets are amazing I can only imagine how much fun (if a marathon can be fun!) it would be to run. I did 16k yesterday and my legs today are feeling it so 42k just seems crazy. There is another blog I read:, that you would probably enjoy it is an Aussie girl living in London who has trained the last 12 weeks and ran yesterday. She is yet to do her race report but has lots of photos from the race expo etc. Hope you have found your rhythm again and had some good runs over the weekend. Nic ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hey well done on the 16k! I did hill sprints yesterday which I am feeling today! 20 up College Avenue – a part of it anyway!

      Thanks for the other blog link I will have a look at that later.

      Have a great Monday. Am loving the weather right now as it’s nicer to run in as it’s cooler.

      Happy running!

      1. Hill sprints up College Ave are you crazy LOL, I avoid that road at all costs. Though really it does not matter which direction you run in Forest Lake it is hills, hills and more hills. Good on you though that sounds like a great session, I have hill repeats on my training plan next week (yes I have looked ahead and am already not looking foward to it.

        Yes the weather is fantastic for running at the moment LOVE IT!!! Have my two boys on school holidays so am fitting in the runs where I can. Enjoy your week in running ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. Yeah College Ave is a killer but a good one – if you run from the bus stop opp the dog park and either run up towards the school or away from the school they hurt – legs are hurting today! Good luck on yours next week!

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