Great week of running and Les Mills classes :-)

I haven’t written for a while, life has been flying by. My training is going well at the moment. This week I decided to have a breather and do what I wanted to do and that was a mix of Les Mills classes and running.

So I did back to back classes on Monday – body attack and body step, and spent the rest of the week paying for it! On Tuesday I did sprint sessions and my legs felt like lead and as the week went on they felt more and more lethargic. By Thursday I was simply going through the motions of body step and then today I ran 8k and then did body pump afterwards, and whilst I feel tired and my legs feel like they don’t belong to my body I feel great.  My heart rate was pretty good too – average was 150 I think – so all in all feeling great! I did have  to have a 90 minute power nap when I got back though!

So next week I am back on schedule with a few classes thrown in. Trying to do my P90x plyometrics once a week too to keep my legs agile and strong for my runs – short as my runs are I need to draw the power from somewhere!

I am planning a race at the end of June so again the messing around stops and the head down training starts! Bring it on!

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