Running the stress off

It’s a well known fact that exercise makes us feel good – increasing seratonin to the brain. Well I sure needed it today. I had a little accident with the car! Oh yes I didn’t tell you, I passed my driving test and am officially a green P plater now!

Anyway I kind of misjudged the cars angle when coming out of the garage and i scratched a fair bit of the wheel bonnet thingy (not very technical!) and it’s now going to cost me $670! …..oops

So when I got home I was a little stressed thinking about it and decided that I would push myself to run and run off the stress. I also didn’t have a great session at the gym yesterday and my knee hurt so needed to prove to myself I was ok.

So I ran just under 8k outside and it was quite an undulating course, and you know what – I felt great. All my stress disappeared, I felt good because I ran well too – not super fast but comfortably and no knee pain. I felt strong running up the hills and felt happy just running and not feeling restricted in the gym.

I got home, sorted dinner out, and kissed my husbands butt a bit when he got home – but as it happens I didn’t need to as he was fine about the car and just said – try not to do it again! What an awesome husband I have – maybe he has been secretly running off the stress too!

2 thoughts on “Running the stress off

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  1. So now we know the secret to your future success, car crash on the way to your next race. By the way I do concure with your view on Ash, I think it would take more than a kissed butt to be that chilled if someone crashed my car.

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