Change of direction

I’m thinking about swimming.

One of the girls that I know that goes to the gym is a triathlete and put the idea in my head of swimming in order to tone and improve my fitness. I’ve been feeling a bit fat and untoned so I mentioned this to her and she said what about swimming?

The idea of swimming to me was initially not that great. The thought of me baring almost all to get into a pool and swim was not inviting but then I thought some more. I figure swimming is good for all round toning, it would complement my running and it’s not as taxing on the joints.

So I went out last weekend in Noosa and bought myself a nice fancy looking swimming costume and I told my friend yes I’m going to swim – so I have to now!

So watch this space, you never know I could find myself doing a triathlon – highly unlikely but then again I used to always say I’d never run a marathon and I’ve run four……

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